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Which words I shroud avoid in Fiverr messenger?

Hello buddies!

Many times a lot of sellers got a warning by using some words on Fiverr messenger. So, I want to know which words I should avoid in messenger.

I am eagerly waiting for your helpful answers.
Subroto Shan


They get warning only if they offer communication outside of fiverr and any words that can be associated with that.


Thank you so much for your kind reply.
God bless you.

@princeraj580, I think there are no specific words to avoid but it is good to engage the conversation and covey in a way that you convince your audience.

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OK. that’s a great answer. Thank you!

Something like, asking for specific ratings/reviews , asking for payment through some other source, asking for other contact details to establish connection outside Fiverr etc

Your answer is really meaningful. Thank you so much for answer. :slight_smile:

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Please fact check before you post. We only get a review for suspicious words. You only get a warning if you do something that goes against the ToS. It is the context of the word that warrants a warning, not the word itself.

A review and a warning are very different things.

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Words which allow users to communicate outside fiverr they get warning. You can find more on fiverr ToS about this.

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Thank you apu for your kind answer!

OK, I have understood.
Many many thanks for your attention!

son’t share your contact information on fiverr messenger. Read the terms page for more info .

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Thank you for your suggestion. :slight_smile:

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