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Which work is more in demand?

Due to corona most of the works are reduced.Comment here if anyone gets work consistently

First of all, anyone who knows that is going to be selling it and they aren’t going to share that because then other people would try to become their competition and the market would be saturated and then they would lose sales.

Second, you can do this research yourself. Don’t come here and ask people to do it for you. It’s lazy and rude.

Third, it’s ludicrous to make a gig in something just because it’s in demand. You only make a gig if you’re actually proficient in it…


So these kind of discussions are not permitted here.Im sorry!

You’re missing the point.

It isn’t about the question being permitted or not. It’s about the purpose behind the question. You want to create a gig for unethical, absurd reasons.

I am a beginner here,i thought sharing these might create new ideas for everyone.its just a forum where we can express our thoughts.i didnt ever think about the “issues” you were talking about.

Well it isn’t helpful. It’s harmful and pointless.

The point of giving advice is to know what you’re talking about and share things that will actually help, not harm.

Why do people share “ideas” on things they don’t understand?