Which would be more profitable?


Some of you in this forum may know that I’m offering an extremely specific gig which might be the reason behind me not getting that much attention in Fiverr.
I’m good at making cartoon portraits and caricatures, but silly me, I made a gig on making GTA style characters instead, which might be a big mistake on my part.
However I am going to be adding another gig or two soon this month, though there’s one question in the back of my mind.

Which would bear the best result? Tweaking my present GTA gig into an more diverse Illustration gig, or creating a new gig altogether? Your views would be much appreciated. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Haven’t checked your Gig but suggesting you to make as much Gigs as possible because there are chances if your first gig not, the second gig may catch some buyers. However a new seller can’t make more than 7 Gigs.


Making another gig will give you more exposure. Agree with @designerz_edge.


I guess that makes sense.I’l keep this one as it is, and make a fresh new gig. Hope it works out


“Hope it works out” isn’t a very positive statement. Just go for it and make a really great gig! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @lloydsolutions. I will do exactly that! I’ll go for it!


You can have more than one gig and offer what you are really good at :slight_smile:


I will do exactly that! @fitrigwrites4u :slight_smile:
gracias! :smile:




I recommend you keep that gig up and create basic gigs like " Create A Cartoon Character " and use up all 7 gigs you have!