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White bar at the top is strange


Not sure how to feel about this, I saw it on my mobile browser but now it’s on my computer.

i know everyone is talking about available now, which isn’t working for me, but i’m not sure if anyone sees this too???

Available Button Section Problem
FIVERR'S New Update
I love the new look of fiverr site

Yes, many people on the Forum this morning have said they now have a white header. :christmas_tree:


Haha, I just came to the forum for this exact reason. It’s such a small change, but it’s making me uneasy for some reason. :face_with_monocle:


For me some time it appear white like your screenshot but some time it backs to old black one.
I think some testing is going on.


Ah okay I couldn’t find it, I was wondering if I was crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I saw other screenshots without the white


Me too, is the text smaller too? Or is the white playing tricks on my eyes lol


I really can’t tell what else has changed, but it feels disorienting! It’s funny how strong of a reaction we can have to change in life. :sweat_smile:


Must be, haven’t seen it convert back and forth yet.


The white bar at the Top look nice. Yes available now button doesn’t work anymore.They have recently updated the site. So i think Fiverr still working for fix the bug.


It is!:laughing:
I wouldn’t have guessed a color would throw me off though.


Thank You…You Are Very Helpful


You are always welcome brother :slight_smile:


I see people say fiverr has updated recently, how do we find this out?


Header changed. Also, go to your profile page then you will see Deliveries section above the active Gigs feature. Previously it(Deliveries section ) was under the active gigs and above feedback section


I see this same to you. Thanks


They are still testing things. The white background of a header is irritating my eyes.

It is still under the gigs, for me.


Yes they are testing, we need to wait for new looks :slight_smile:


The web is not my field, are you not testing it on a local server before going to live. :-), or may be they update to get the feedback.


The text is tiny and hard to read on a small laptop. I guess it’s supposed to look ok on a phone.


Why have I not ever gotten one of these updates…I feel so left out right now :’( no “No available now” and “no new theme” this is just too much.