✅ VOTE NOW! for this Extra Feature - Buyers ratings should be displayed based on past orders



Fiverr is a great platform no doubt. But it has a number of flaws that make life quite challenging for sellers :slight_smile:

So there should be a feature that needs to be added soon where sellers are able to see ratings given by other sellers based on buyers order history. This will help all the buyers in taking decision on to accept the order or not.

If Buyers can judge sellers based on the Ratings & feedback then we sellers have all the right to do the same for buyers who more often cancel the order after getting delivery, or leave bad feedback to get the money back.

PLEASE DO VOTE & leave a comment

  • Yes, Buyers ratings based on past order should be displayed
  • No, it should not be displayed

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Yes, buyers rating should be displayed.


I have read on forum that this feature was once introduced but shortly removed by the fiverr.


Most definitely they should be displayed.


Yes I know but it should be reintroduced so sellers can know whom they are dealing with.

It will atleast give an idea about the buyer.


@shubh2012: I saw the same thread.

@dimana_wordpres: There are always ways to check out a buyer, if you are skeptical about working with him or her. It’s a bit painful but google search does wonders. As an example, if you put in google search my name, either: “Fiverr ga_riley2” or “Fiverr gina_riley2” - you get a string of my activities on Fiverr including reviews I’ve given and received. (No, I do not have two accounts, the first one was cancelled because it got compromised by bad email.)

Granted that takes a lot of work as you have to do individual search vice a single page with reviews I’ve received from sellers.

Of course, if they are a new buyer, there probably won’t be anything for you to look up but then again, they won’t have any reviews even if Fiverr were to create a “Buyer Review” page.


I agree with that method. I usually search on google and see their past orders.
It helps you to check their needs their behaviour, if you can read between the lines. :slight_smile: