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White Fiverr theme hurts my eyes


Today I logged in and saw that the header got white. My eyes hurt. Please revert that change or give users the option to choose the old theme.


Same here. I sent a message about it to support, and they said they’ll forward the feedback. But so they have said about a lot of things, so wouldn’t count on it too much to get changed.

Perhaps if enough people think it’s an issue, they could revert the color or allow us to choose it.


Personally I don’t mind the lighter theme, but I do wish they had light/dark modes so you could just choose whatever your preference is.


It’s too bright! My eyes hurt too. It’s really painful to have to look at for hours at a time.


It’s a clean and light theme.

I like it


its like someone putting a fork in your eye, that is how I feel about it, I already made it black again with custom css, but I really wish they bring back the black one or at least give us the option to choose.


It feels kinda bare. It reminds me of when I used to make coding mistakes and my site would load with missing pictures.


I am suffering also. It’s too bright. It hurts my eyes and feeling headache continuously.


… it’s awful! I need to wear sunglasses!


It hurts my eyes really bad.


I like it, looks clean.


Same here
Doesnt understand its need


Even this forum has a neat dark header, makes such a big difference in the user experience. :hugs:


For screens, black background with white text and icons is better for long duration. Light is fatiguing to the eyes.
Most design and media software like adobe apps as an example use the black background approach. Fiverr should allow sellers to choose it since they work many hours on the site.