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White girl from Sri Lanka?

Most of the gigs here have misleading profile photos. At first glance, you like woooo a creative right-brain white guy or girl, but at second glance you see a Sri Lanka flag. Fiverr should implement profile policies like UpWork.

Not just white/Caucasian people, I’ve seen Hollywood celebrities, rappers, Korean pop singers,
Brazilian super models, etc.
I guess it’s the seller’s attempt to get the buyers’ attention by using images of famous/attractive people. Or maybe they are a huge fan of those people. In a way it is a problem, but I guess there is no direct harm, maybe???
I’d say the only harm here is that those sellers might not get orders, because a good number of people here ( including myself) sees that as a rather cheap trick, and it’s unprofessional.

Having that said, maybe the seller is actually a white person who just happens to be living
in Sri Lanka. If you want to know if it really is the person, just do the image search on google
and then you can be sure.

Thanks for the tip. I think fiverr should separate the wheat from the chaff. only letting those sellers who have uploaded their video to operate a business in fiverr. And maybe perhaps you are right; she might be british living in london, listen to much of black sabbath, thats why she is in sri lanka on sabbatical.

Maybe a writer has an ugly face. Don’t mean they write terrible articles. Not all creative people are White and beautiful. Maybe you should start buying service from people based on their ratings and comments and not their profile picture.

If someone doesn’t want to use their picture, there are tons of creative and unique ways to show personality through a profile pic. That doesn’t excuse using stock photos or photos of celebrities.

Profile pictures are part of marketing, though, so telling a potential buyer not to evaluate a seller based on all factors makes no sense. Attitude is a factor as well.

There are quite a few blogs and ebooks that give (bad) advise about how to succeed selling on Fiverr. Most of them say that a picture of a white and pretty girl on your profile will make you sell more gigs. Some people believe that and use a picture of a celebrity.

I would never trust a seller with a fake profile picture or country, and I’d never purchase anything from one of them. Also, very often, their reviews are mostly from people who, incidentally, also have fake pictures, which is very suspicious.

dude, i m pretty white girl and that doesn t really help… it can only make it worse when people you work with ask to see more of your pictures…-.-

but on the end, do you really have to know how does a person you work with looks like? Isn t it a real measurement the work they do? Like what if someone is fat or ugly or black or whatever and ashamed of their look or racist judgments? Or they just want to have a fiverr separated from their personal life…you never know what is in someones head and why people do what they do, as long as they don t break TOS it is fine and nobody should judge them.

I think it’s ok if somebody has an avatar, or some drawing made by himself as a profile picture.
But if a, let’s say, graphic designer is already breaking a copyright using some third party image (a model, an actor…) as his own profile picture, how can I trust him not doing the same with his work?

Being got taunted on one of my discussion, i changed my profile picture to mine.~ LoL
(Well i don’t know, i am beautiful or not)
If you are looking for better service, you will not get that only from white beautiful people.
Better rely on ratings and reviews for that.
Many of people here on fiver and even fiverr staff itself use avatar pictures.
There are some services like video, commercial, modeling etc, profile picture is a matter.
If you look at profile pictures with marketing perspective that is important in a sense that having your original one on profile will make the buyer have confidence in you that they know from whom they are getting their job done.

Exactly. Many of these photos are violations. Plus, they are SO obvious. As I said in another reply, there are options. Another one that is at least legal is to use a realistic-looking photo you have a right to use. An attractive friend who doesn’t mind letting you use theirs, and then make it a bit artsy, for example.

Avatar, logo, or anything realistic and professional that you have rights to will do. Mine is currently my own unique logo, though I do use head shots in my gig images or videos at times. Stock or model photos just make me move on.

On that point, I think some of the staff use the “Fiverr Faces” service. Levelled sellers with lots of good reviews certainly can use things like that without negative effect.

Isn t like this on every site? Like even if you use a chatsites, or other freelancing sites, you can have any image you want…and people don t report it or anything… I think on wireclub only (which is chat site) using celebrity or randoom net image is directly violation of terms of service… So, maybe if Fiverr puts strict directions on profile pictures inside of terms of service which we all agree on when we make profiles and option to report someones profile if it is violating TOS, get seller suspended for like a 24 hours, then everyone would think a bit before actually creating profile with images they don t own copyright too… I also think suspensions in general for buyers and sellers would create a more order and fair plays on site anyway.

I also have a one more thing to say on this topic. What about people who are using a pictures of kids?
If I am not wrong, Fiverr is 18+, so using an image of a child as a profile picture is wrong, even if it is your own kid…

some use logos like yourself :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Fiverr is 13+ like many other websites including facebook.
I have seen a 17 years kid from my own country making a good success here on fiverr.
He told his story in a post on this forum

i didn t know minors are allowed… my bad.

On fiverr, Minors are only those who have no skills.
Skill has no limitation of age.