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White Witch Magic - Oracle, Tarot, Pendulum, Scrying, Dream Interpretation!

This is the link to my gig. =)
Got no requests so far, as I’m SO new. haha
Feel free to give me a shout, I’ve had great reviews, and have been tarot reading for over a year, spellcasting/advising for most of my life, and dream interpreting for about half a year.


Just clicked your gig and you need to remove all of the off Fiverr links at the bottom of the gig description which are a violation of the Terms of Service.


haha, I thought I’d edited that out.


Took away…My phone number. haha
and the link to my paypal.
“ALL” the off fiver links should be gone now. haha


It is fine now! :slightly_smiling_face: