Whiteboard Animation Market


Hi! I’m new on Fiverr. What do you guys think about whiteboard animated videos? Do people really use it on Fiverr? This is a survey.


Yes they do my friend, that is why there is a specific category for such animation :smiley:



Personally I ignore those gigs. There are too many of those and a lot of them are using the same templates.


Whiteboard animation videos are on their way out as a fading trend since 2012.

The market is saturated, there are thousands of toolkits and pirated templates and web services sellers can use to produce them on the cheap.

But the quality you get? ugh.

I think the only reason they still exist is to cater to low budget projects that don’t care about end result as much.


This is correct. Anyone thinking about using a whiteboard video should really try and think of the last time they didn’t immediately click away from a web page the minute one started playing. The same is also true for a lot of Pow Toon & similar explainer videos.

I’m finding that more people want mixes of animation and videography but while I can do this I’m not really eager about launching on Fiverr.

In a couple of trial runs I’ve done a restaurant chain said: “Great! The only thing is, can we change the people in the video to be more Hispanic looking?” And: “I love it! But when the drone flys over x could you make it also turn and look back and…”

In short, there is a unique quality about some buyers in which I think they think that I am actually shooting video and as soon as you try to politely refuse a revision all hell breaks loose.


I am not sure who buys whiteboard animations but to me they don’t look very professional.


I think there is a market for whiteboard animation. If you are good and professional with your work you will get buyers for whiteboard animation. Good luck.


I agree. Thus far, when anyone has asked me if they should create videos with animated whiteboard graphics, I have always encouraged them not to go that route. They are actually hurting their business by not choosing to be more creative with their videos. When everyone is doing something, it is no longer unique. Unique sells products. It is far better to stand out as unique, then to do the same cheap thing that everyone else is doing. :slight_smile: