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Whiteboard Animators Your Pricing is KILLING the Market!

There are more than a 1000 Whiteboard Animators on Fiverr and I am one of them. I have been selling Whiteboard Animation here for more the 3 years and completed more than 500 orders. One thing that bothered me all these years is the pricing of many sellers.

We know very well that a custom whiteboard animation video costs more than $1000 outside of Fiverr. In Fiverr, the price ranges from $5-$350. Majority of the sellers offer amazing animation for very low prices. Some offer a complete package for just $5. Here lies the problem.

When a new buyer comes to Fiverr he expects low prices, but when he/she sees such a range of extremely low prices the buyer is not inclined to trust the market.

  1. The Buyer thinks that quality of work offered on Fiverr is low (because everyone measures quality by price)
  2. Buyer assumes that sellers offering for $5 provide the same quality and dedication as ones offering $100 gigs and then try to bargain
  3. Buyers try to get more work done for low price leaving no room for sellers to make a creative video

These are just a few of the issues that arise from under pricing your work. Sellers please be brave enough to increase your prices! If you don’t then Fiverr Marketplace won’t be valued anymore. It will turn out to be a flea market with low quality work.

I believe that when Sellers are making good money they are focused on being more creative and improving their quality. Underpaid sellers don’t.

I see many sellers here complaining that they are not getting any orders. This is why. The Sellers are killing the Marketplace without knowing. Moderate the prices, and try to get the buyers with your Creativity and Quality. Not by extremely low prices. Low prices on attract cheap buyers.

Therefore, my sincere request from all Sellers. Please Save Fiverr!

Thank you

There are different customers on Fiverr. There is not 1 customer shopping for 1 whiteboard gig. I provided about 1500 whiteboard videos early on. When I moved from $5 to $25, I began to serve a new group of clients that were looking for $25.00 products. You are not going to convince a $15.00 customer to spend $100.00. You are going to have to find a $100.00 customer and make him a $100.00 offer that competes with other $100.00 products. Just remember you are not selling a whiteboard video. You are selling customer service that happens to include a whiteboard video. The $15.00 offers shouldn’t be able to compete with the service included in your $100.00 product. The real challenge is to make sure your price is high enough to pay for the custom service. Also focus on repeat customers. I did a ton of videos for marketers and resellers. They learn your routine and the work and deliveries are alot more predictable. Less people that your having to convince that your product and service is better.


I don’t agree with you

Exactly. This is my point. As a community we should come together and moderate the prices and quality to attract buyers willing to pay more for our services. If we don’t it will be very difficult for sellers to improve their quality coz they are always making $5 videos. Of course they will have more orders and more ratings but in the long run is that what’s important?

Yes, according to the Fiverr algorithm doing orders constantly is better. Which means we have to focus on smaller videos. This system doesn’t help sellers to focus on making longer more creative videos as we always try to choose what we can do faster.

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You are exactly right. When the way Fiverr tracked stats changed, I had to determine the number of orders that I needed each month to minimize the effects of 1 or 2 bad reviews. For me, that was about 50-100 jobs per month. That way over 60 days, I could have several negative reviews and not lose my account rankings. Then I determined I only wanted to work 10-15 hours a week on Fiverr. How much time did I have for each of those gigs. Then I determined what I could offer that made that work. There is only so much time in a week. I also focused real hard on offering repeated services that would build a base of repeat customers. Repeat customers don’t give negative feedback. This month, 90% of my orders were repeat customers.

With repeat customers, I am not concerned as much about Fiverr search ranking, pricing and the amount of competition. When I started 4-5 years ago, there were 600 whiteboard providers, so it hasn’t changed alot.

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Quantity has taken over Quality these days. It is good for stats but in the long run as an animator it doesn’t help us grow our talents.

You are Right and but 50% sellers are not on the forum