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Whiteboard gig improvement


Hello everyone I created a whiteboard animation gig and I would like to know what you all think of it and if it needs any improvements.

-Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I think it looks great. Just keep in mind, there is an overabundance of whiteboard video-making services here on Fiverr. To stand out among the crowd you will have to do something unique and memorable that sets you apart from the other gigs.


Very true. I just figured I would give the whiteboard niche a shot see how it goes. I have three other gigs as well but are more geared towards game design stuff. Plus finding out how to make a whiteboard video seemed like fun :smiley:


Try to add tag like videoscribe,hand drawn,custom Whiteboard it will boost your ranking


This is bad advice. Adding a whiteboard video to your gig will not boost your Fiverr rating. Please do not share “tips” that are false.

Yes, a video can be useful in helping to illustrate a seller’s gig services, if that service could benefit from a more visual presentation, but it will NOT guarantee that your gig has a better Fiverr rating.


I think you have no idea what I am talking about
Being a White board animation seller the tip which I give is best for him
Also this technique is use by many seller which I know
Also you have no proof what is wrong or right so just don’t put label as bad tip


I know exactly what you were talking about.

And my comment still stands. Adding a whiteboard video will not raise a seller’s rating. There is no correlation between a video, and a higher seller rating. That’s not how Fiverr works. Your claim, therefore, is, most definitely false.

If, however, you are encouraging him to add a video to improve how he presents his gig, and make his gig more visual and informative, than yes, THAT would be good and valid advice.

A video is just a video. It is part of a gig’s presentation, and nothing more. It cannot guarantee a higher seller rating, and it is not a “technique” that will, in any way, guarantee success.


Peace gentlemen, you’re right @explainer_hero: adding specific tags will improve any Gig, and @jonbaas is also right by stating that a video is not guaranteed of boosting a Gig .
There was a misunderstanding with “tags” and “video” :smiley_cat:


@jonbaas I am sorry to say but I think you misunderstood. He is talking about tags to include in the gig. The word that he used “videoscribe” is one of the many software that is used for whiteboard animations.

@explainer_hero Hero, be polite and professional. THis is not the way to explain your point. Misunderstandings happen.


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