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Whiteboard videos revision

When a client orders a revision in a whiteboard animated video, should the seller only have to edit the graphics? I mean if the seller has arranged the voice over on the script given, and created a video on it, and his client want a revision in which seller was asked to change audio quality in the video because the audio quality is not good. Does the seller abide to do this in a revision? Will this change categorized in revision?

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changes with cost :wink::dollar:
this kind of video is complicated and changes should not be free… That way, you will be very happy to make many changes :money_mouth_face:

I think this depends on what you actually promised as a seller. The way you describe it here, you say that you as the seller arranged the voiceover and that the buyer only gave you a script. Then you apparently created a video to go with the voiceover. If the audio quality was actually bad and you outsourced or did the VO yourself, then the audio quality would be your responsibility. In that case you would be obligated to do a certain amount of work to fix the problem.

If the buyer send you the voiceover or you promised only a low quality voiceover, then the buyer would need to pay for revisions.


You have to be very clear with your buyers about all these things.

If the client provides me with the script to work with. I confirm with him to ensure that script is the final script (some buyers change their minds and provide another version after a day or 2). I let them know I am confirming because any changes to the script after the VO has been done will cost extra.

In the event the voiceover is of a bad quality, that is on me (I won’t even accept a bad quality audio. I have a standard professional quality I always try to attain). I will order from another seller and the expense will be on me. This is why I prefer working with professional voiceover artists that charge reasonably. Don’t give a client a bad quality audio and expect to get a good review.

Depending on the situation, I give my clients some flexibility. Sometimes a client says - I don’t like the female, can we try a male? (If the client chose my highest package, that won’t be a problem)

Most of the people I work with are very professional and know what they want and are ready to pay for it. From the start I confirm and let them know any changes will cost extra, but it is not all the time I request for the extra. You need to weigh things yourself.