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Whitelist to prevent Random Orders or Incomplete Information

Most people want to have the customer message them so they may talk about the desired gig before starting it.
It should be fairly simple to allow an option to ‘disallow gig purchase until authorized by the seller’ option on a gig. And the authorization process would be a simple true/false with people automatically being false until you click on their name and set it to ‘allow to purchase *gig name here’.
This should have been a standard feature if the cancellation rating is an important statistic.

Does anyone else want to see this feature added?

I have created a sample as to how this would work.


Definitely not something I would want, and it’s been raised here countless times in the past.

The issue with insisting that people contact you first, is that you’re trying to make Fiverr work the way you want it to, rather than the way it’s designed to. Fiverr is supposed to allow people to employ a ‘menu card’ method of hiring a freelancer. Everything is neatly laid out with prices, and if you’re feeling confident enough to place an order because you know what you want, then go ahead.

Employing an authorisation process puts a barrier between us and the customers who want to order from us, and that’s not something I want to see. Many of our customers contact us first, but lots of our customers also use Fiverr because they prefer not speaking to someone, and simply placing their order, knowing it will be delivered without them having to engage with anyone. Our income would take a massive dent if Fiverr employed what you’re talking about.

I do agree that cancellations that aren’t your fault are annoying. I’d prefer to see Fiverr address this, perhaps by allowing a bit more leniency when it’s clear that the cancellation is due to buyer fault, and not seller fault. We had a customer just last week place an order, then admit that they weren’t actually ready as they didn’t have the script, and immediately cancel. It sucks, but still not enough to make me want what you’re suggesting.


The problem is why not cater to those who would use that system?
You seem like you wouldn’t use it. And someone shouldn’t be forced to use it. But surely you recognize the benefit of having such an ‘option’.

Although many people would use it and it shouldn’t be a ‘barrier’ because if someone needs the customer to talk to them first and lay out the details then that is already ‘gesture’ that is being taken. Majority of the people I see will ask for that step, with the majority of people taking that step as requested. I for one wouldn’t be using this if I couldn’t talk to the seller in chat or talk to the buyer in chat.

If it is a feature that say only 1/3 of the people would want to use. Then why not make that feature. And it isn’t difficult either. It isn’t a complicated task. Simply remove the green purchase button and slide the contact me button up a bit and turn it green.

It wouldn’t hurt you. And if it hurts people then let their gigs suffer right? The only reason I could think that Fiverr wouldn’t want that feature as it would reduce the amount of accidental purchases that locks their money into their fiverr account. But that is scummy and I would imagine that isn’t the case.

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It is not a bad idea. However, even when you get orders you understand and desire, problems can come later on.

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Nope. My prices are set at an amount that people do actually contact me before ordering and I’d advise you to lift yours a little for the same reason.

Also I’d take this bit out: “The word count may go over but you will never be asked to increase the cost of the gig.”

That’s just asking for trouble.


Hopefully those problems also are reduced as you get to vet the customer before you agree to the gig. If you feel like something is off with them, then you don’t do it.

This isn’t a catch all safeguard to prevent later issues. But it would surely reduce the total number of support tickets/complaints and issues.

It isn’t something that is suppose to catch all the issue, and it shouldn’t be expected to do more than its intent. And the intent is to allow the buyer the ability to consent to the gig before any purchase has been made. Sure you can say just having your gig up is consent enough but it isn’t.

For example someone is doing voice overs. I purchase their gig with a script. They say they don’t feel comfortable doing it because the content is ‘questionable’. You have to ask the customer to cancel the gig. What if they wanted to spite you and deny it. Now you have to spend time going through support, which has been relatively quick I might add. But no one should have to worry about something like that. It is undue stress that is easily preventable.

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I do like the fact my gig is searchable from the bottom. Without that it would affect views.
Word count may go over on my end, and I won’t badger people to increase the cost. The intent is to persuade the buyer that you don’t intent to jack up prices just because I don’t manage my word count. Unless I have problems it might stay that way. It doesn’t open the doors for people to request more words than the gig has described.

Why would you have problems with that option? Would the ability to opt in for that feature hurt your gigs? I don’t think so. I’d love to hear why you wouldn’t want that feature. And obviously the wrong answer would be you don’t want to see it because other people would use it and you wouldn’t and you don’t want other people to have nice things.

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Buyers - some buyers - will use that sentence as a wedge to get you to write more words. And so may CS, which will make life difficult for you. There are some unscrupulous people who target newbies with just such behaviour.

But, whatever - your choice to take or ignore advice.

Personally, I’d be looking at other writers and how they deal with this type of thing.

@cyaxrex - what do you think?

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Yeah perhaps it might give the wrong impression to someone. I feel like it is my job to determine based on the descriptions given to me how many words it would take. If I overshoot it by 500-1000 no big deal. I might get a tip after I tell them the word count and how much it was over.

Also it would be problematic if someone simply buys my gig and I didn’t even get the chance to tell them it would be more words than what they imagine. Most of them aren’t writers so they have only a faint idea how many words something would take.

It also takes away the chance for me to up sell too. It would require additional costs from the buyer and they might not like the service fee charged each time ect ect so money would be left on the table and the results might not be what the buyer wanted which might get negative reviews. Less money for me and fiverr.

When I worked in sales it was far easier to get the customer to pay more upfront than to have to come back to them and tell them to pay more because the job turned out to be more difficult than initially prospected. This shows a lack of competence from the salesperson and the customer would feel like they were being gouged for more than what was agreed upon. Just another argument for having an option to create this ‘barrier’ that promotes up selling and communications.

Sure I could tell them after the fact that it will be more words. But it would either lead to the same problem, mutual cancellation or an up sell. I’d rather hedge my bets with no risk of cancellation so I can up sell as I desire.

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You could also add "Please message me before ordering to discuss your exact requirements - just like that, in bold. Works for me.

Your version doesn’t stand out.

To revert to your original post - Fiverr doesn’t like the idea of buyers getting a “the seller rejected your project” messages. It seems so rude.

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The mutual cancellation is the same thing as the seller rejecting the offer. But they already paid for it. That is worse than someone who asks for a service and is told it isn’t within the scope of the gig. It seems more rude to tell someone no after they already purchased something.

You don’t go to a store, pay for a service and then are told it isn’t something they do. They tell you that before they charge you. That is how 90% of the world works. Sure it is the fault of the buyer that they bought something without understanding what it was they were buying. I’d love to prevent that.

I have just spent several days explaining to someone who used to run a huge marketing company that brochures are not the same as websites. There are no page numbers for a start … and not having a contact page is not a good idea. Unless you’re Amazon. Even they have one if you can find it.

You seem to be under the impression that Fiverr is like working where you used to in real life. It’s not. On Fiverr, you are presented with a menu, you get to choose what you want, order it, pay for it and hang round until it’s delivered. The business model - particularly for $5 sellers - is basically McDonalds or KFC.

You can ask them to hold the pickle … but it’s a whole lot quicker to just bin it when it arrives.

McDonalds doesn’t refuse to serve you. Unless, of course, you’ve been rude to the staff previously … but they most certainly don’t discuss what to order. Particularly when they’re busy. You either want it or you don’t.

If you don’t like this business model, go elsewhere. There are other platforms where sellers bid for jobs in much the way you’re describing. Fiverr’s business model works for them. This is the most popular freelancing site on the web. They’re not going to change it.

Perhaps you are confused. No one asked Fiverr to change their business model. Simply to add an optional feature that would help buyers and sellers, reduce support tickets, and increase happiness throughout the community.

I do not dig through my burger to remove the pickles. I ask them to just not put it on it because it is quicker and easier. You ought to hold that request with as much severity as you would an item that someone would be allergic to.

Perhaps your gigs are more simple that doesn’t require discussions with your buyer. To craft something to their specific details requires close discussions.

I asked a fast food place if they’d put a sauce from one of their burgers on the burger I wanted. They told me no. Some food places actively try to up sell you on their product. Such as desert meals. A good waiter will actively seek to increase the amount they spend, which gets them a larger cut of a tip if you are in a certain country.

Why tell people to somewhere else just because you have a problem with a suggested optional feature that is logical. Sounds like you don’t care much about the community and are thinking just about yourself alone. I for one like what they are doing and would love to add my suggestions to make it a better experience for buyers and sellers. Usually people don’t have the point of view that the ‘grunts’ have. And the grunts can have great ideas to better the system. When grunts are listened to, revolutions happen. History tends to repeat itself.

I think it is you who is confused. What you are asking for is the equivalent of Harvester (a chain restaurant here with table service and a menu you look down to order from), rather than McDonalds, where you look up.

I think you have ran your course when your when you revert to talking about the difference between fast food chains. I’ve yet to see a compelling argument from you what so ever but you’ve done a great deal to help me voice my arguments for their addition. Still waiting for someone with a good argument against. :smiley:

Hello. This has already been discussed in the forum :slightly_smiling_face: Take a look at this post for example:

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Definitely not There are many reasons for this.

Perfect. Let’s hear them. I am waiting for a real argument against.

Looks like it is a large majority who would want this. Thank you for showing me the poll.

Only five people have responded to this (before my post here). That is not a “large majority” of anything – that’s only five people. And only ONE of those five people thought this was a good idea.

EDIT: And the link poll topic (above) only had 107 votes – out of thousands of Fiverr sellers. That’s not a “large majority” of sellers either. And even then, only 84 sellers said yes.