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Who and where is Fiverr?

Where is Fiverr based? California? They hide their location.

I see how they KEEP my so-called “refund” and put it in my “available balance.” Some people would call it “larceny.” It’s in keeping with twisting the definitions of words, like “refund.”

The other thing that is screwed up is that there are two paralllel conversational thread when you are discussing something with a client, and Fiverr does not inform you that conversation has switched to the other thread. Way to go, Fiverr!

Bipolar, just like everything else on the Left Coast


A really simple search shows Fiverr’s headquarters are in Tel Aviv. I believe ‘refund becomes balance’ is stated in the TOS.


Left-Coast, Tel Aviv, no difference.

So how do you send a message to these Progressive people who seem to think a “refund” is the same thing as a “payment” that they deposit in their bank account?

I don’t see any “contact us” page, nor any even vague reference to “customer service.”

Go to help page and hit big green “contact us” button at the bottom


@lindseyreed you ticked the box that said you agreed to TOS when you signed up to Fiverr. In the TOS it says all refunds will be given in the form of a credit balance. However, by contacting CS 2 you can ask for the refund to be in currency.