Who are here mostly?

  1. I see a lot of spammers - have no idea what do they hope for.

  2. Losers like me - people who’s Gigs were “lucked” by the system like my one :slight_smile:

  3. A few short time lucky ones - I was one of them before :slight_smile:

  4. I see also very Successful Fiverrers here - But I don’t know what Successful Fiverrers do here. They are busy with many orders as I see - what the point to bother about all these topics? It looks like they promote themselves HERE.

  5. Mixture of all the points.

As for me I’m here because I’m a loser :slight_smile: No need to tell a lie. :slight_smile:

Super Omnia Veritas



70% of people are here to get news about search algorithm update. :smiley:


Me: A new seller. Trying my luck by sending letters to buyers requests, no replies from any of them so far.


I think successful sellers have a break time in between jobs that they are doing. It could be they would rather get relaxing in the forum, have a casual chats with some people than to go out, when they only have 10 minutes break. If they tend to promote themselves that´s fine. No rules saying they can´t and they are not spamming.


I’m a loser too. Now we’re two…

Go losers!


Make that three. Also, fun, giving back (I got lots of valuable info from reading the forum, especially when I started out - and still do ETA: yeah, and the search algorithm news, of course, absolutely :P) and everybody needs a break now and then.


and ask the same questions about the search algorithm update.


Here to learn here to grow and to advise newbie members.

Lots of good info on the forum for those willing to look.

Also lots of people being negative about things and general moaning who need to get a life but those of us who love to work keep on working and keep on making ourselves better and better.


Nah…have you ever seen me promote myself or my Fiverr business? I am here to promote PM Modi :laughing: and to share my superior wisdom with the world.


The only part of the forum where sellers can promote their gigs is in ‘My Fiverr Gigs’.

If posters are helping others, they’re doing it because they want to.


I’m not a looser :wink: not a champion :trophy: also :smiley: I’m a struggler :runner: :bicyclist:
I’m working freelance for a long time, I have gathered a lot of experience too, but I was not happy with my earnings. I figured it I need to improve my communication skill. Then I started to read blogs and forums, Then iI found Fiverr forum :smiley: I found this forum more helpful to improve my communication :wink:


Your LoserGroup Membership denied.
Reason: 4 Orders in Queue.
You can make another try in 48 hrs.

Your LoserGroup Membership denied.
Reason: 4 Orders in Queue.
You can make another try in 48 hrs.


I can cancel all 4 and try again in 24h? :cry:


I’m sorry. NO.
You can make another try in 48 hrs.


:rage: Then I don’t want to be a part of the losers anymore


I’m sorry. LoserGroup is very careful about high level membership standards. Fake losers can not join the group.


I am here because I find the forum informative, entertaining and I must admit … “slightly” addictive! And yeah … if you can help others along the way … why not? :slight_smile:


By the way …

Congratulation. The administration of the LoserGroup has checked your perfect profile and informs that you can join the group.


LOL…hilarious thread :laughing:


No losers here! If you were, you wouldn’t actually be here. :slight_smile:

Forums are great for keeping up with new activities on the platform and meeting other sellers. Freelance can be solitary.