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Who are your Top 3 Comedians?

Mine would be:-

  1. Jackie Mason

  2. Eddie Izzard

  3. Russell Peters

Can we name dead ones?

George Carlin – I’ve been watching him on youtube lately, part of his greatness is how he combines comedy with biting social commentary.
Phylis Diller
Rodney Dangerfield
Don Rickles
Joan Rivers
Rita Rudner
Jackie Gleason
Lucile Ball

Sorry I couldn’t stop at 3.

God. Voltaire. That Greek philosopher who lived in a barrel.

Who are these people?

Comedians. I will post a clip of George Carlin (if crude words offend you do not watch). This one isn’t funny but it applies to our current upcoming election:

Here’s a clip of Rodney Dangerfield:

LOL…that was funny!

Top 2: George Carlin and Lewis Black. I like some other comedians but those two are my top fav.

I never get bored of him, even when I have watched his videos over and over again.

Erick Omondi from Kenya. I don’t know those from the US

I like Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert.

I am super into Voltaire at the moment, actually. He’s not really a comedian, but he has a wonderful line in quips and insights. 18th century French courtesan humor is the best (pretentious) humor!

Also, do read Candide if you haven’t already–it’s a masterpiece.

I have watched George Carlin and Joan Rivers before. Both are good, in my opinion but George Carlin is more of a social satirist than a comedian. I always enjoy watching that dirty old man but he has never been able to make me laugh.

Joan Rivers had a very good timing but she used to tell a lot of XXX jokes which I don’t like in general.

Thanks for listing other comedians that you like, I will watch them all for sure.

Have a Great Day!

Thanks for naming a comedian that I have never heard of before. I will watch him tonight if he is on the Youtube.

You need to watch Jackie Mason on Jimmy Kimmel’s show -

People going through an existential crisis really enjoy the so-called humor by Voltaire and other pessimists. I would suggest you to have at least 1-2 days off a week from freelancing and have a good time.

Rodney told 20 jokes in 4 minutes. Great timing, gestures and expressions.

I watched him last night. He is really very entertaining. I wonder what makes Jews so funny, I have a few regular Jewish clients and they are all very funny.

It’s genetic, probably helped them out in hard times to laugh. I know it makes me feel a lot better to watch these.

I enjoy Voltaire whether I’m going through an existential crisis or not. Candide was a satire focusing on the ridiculous optimism in the gravest of circumstances–something that he knew very well.

Besides, he had great “last words”. He’s about to die, and a friend asks him if he wants to do that last rites catholic thing, and he says “now, this is NOT the time to be making enemies”.

I prefer Beethoven’s though. plaudite, amici, comedia finita est." (“applaud, friends–the comedy is finally over”).

Is it so-called humor? That’s an individual’s judgement, of course. But both these men were, in my view, special. Too call them pessimists is to dismiss them… and, in my view, your statement merely proves what Candide was all about.

Take a weekend off and all will be well? lol.

Try again.