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Who can change the status 'Revision requested'?

The buyer requested a revision of the delivered work. I explained that the adaptions he was asking for, were not included in the order. He thanked me for the delivered work and asked for the price to make the adaptions. I gave him a price, but since then he doesn’t communicate anymore. The status of the order is still ‘revision requested’. What will happen now?
Can I change the status of the order? When will I receive the paiment for the delivered work?


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In this case, just redeliver the full and original order through the delivery button.


I am not agree with act because it’s under the section of fiverr TOS (Misuse of delivery button).

What section are you referring to? If you mean this:

… then you’re reading it wrong.

The OP said they delivered, the Buyer wanted more that what was included in the order, and then vanished when the Seller pointed this out and made an offer for the extra cost. If the seller has completed the order to specifications, then redelivering is the correct action.