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Who can clarify how Levels are taken off?


I have become a member of Fiverr at the ending of 2012. Last months I have manage to become Level 2.Last saturday they took me all the badges. Now I am like a new comming in Fiverr.I have write to the Fiverr support team and I have receive a reply with no explanations. Just bla, bla, bla…

It is possible to loose all the badges just like that?

Thank you for your thoughts.

Dragos (burebista)


Reply to @oldbittygrandma:

Thank you for be the first to encourage me. I want to let you know that I like to laugh but I cannot attach a emoticon


I have wrote 3 messages to the Fiverr support asking to explain their decission.I have receive just nonsense words from one representative.

I have no hope with this kind of support team. I am a Customer Care Manager in my real life but never I have reply to my clients as they did: totaly unprofessional.

Thank you for your comments.

Can I invite you to laugh with me and my new site?


Same thing happened to me and I’ve contacted support etc and nothing. They just gave me a cut and paste answer stating that they have no control over Levels. I’ve lost a lot of revenue, still running my Fiverr gigs but it’s a real downer.


It is a disaster this so-called support team.I supose that will try to help us not to bury all our work.I have loose money because I have advertise my Level 2 on Facebook, Linkedin and Adword(payed ads). Now I receive signals from potential clients telling me that I am a liar and a scammer.

But I will not quit the battle. I will continue to protest every day. :))


Same thing here to, and the same fairly useless answers I received.


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It was mentioned to me that your level can be lost if people have reported/complained to customer service about you. You may not even know about it and they won’t ever reveal information about it; but that can happen to.