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Who can help me?


Hi and sorry for my English, I had a problem with a dishonest buyer, he wanted that I make him 3 testimonial video for the price of one, I therefore refused, and I sent him a cancellation that he refused, I finally canceled the order and I see that the buyer has set a negative comment… This is the first thing I don’t understand… Another problem is that I can’t see this negative comment I see it on my positive rating now at 98% butI can’t respond to his comment… for some time on fiverr it became impossible to have buyers who respects my rates, I spend more time discussing my prices to work, I would like to feel more protected and respected by fiverr, I think that this kind of buyers should be reported and ejected from fiverr It should not be able to destroy our reputation, me it is more than 1 year that I sell on fiverr, I delivered 160 Works without bad evaluations, before I assented to this kind of buyers because I knew that with less than 100% positive rating I would work more… short now that I decided to no longer work for free I wonder that will make fiverr to protect those who do it live? What can you do for me? Thank you.Yan


If multiple customers are discussing changes in your policy then perhaps a majority of your customers feel that they are not getting value for money? I’m only going off what you have said here but perhaps you could change your service description to best suit the needs of your clients. The best way to do this is to search for similar services by alternate Sellers to see what they are offering and for what price, you therefor either match that or try to improve your service based on your research. About reporting buyers there is nothing like this currently but I feel as though it will be something implemented in future updates of the site but at the mean time there is nothing you can do. If a buyer has left negative feedback you can perhaps discuss alternate deals with the buyer and have them agree to remove the negative feedback or you can alternatively contact customer support and explain to them your situation appealing for removal of the feedback you feel has been a misunderstanding on the buyers part (*)


Hi and welcome. Your video gig description may need some tweaking. It could just be a case of Buyer neglect in reading your description, or Buyer confusion.