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Who can help me

I recently created my Fiverr account. How can I get my first order and review?


You need to remove the Fiverr logo from your gig image as that is not allowed.

Also, suggest you remove all references to this being a hobby and you being an amateur.

Buyers are looking for a professional service and will move on to buy from someone else.


Advertise your account more among your friends and on social networks. But be sure to follow the Fiverr rules!

By learning to use fiverr, understand how it works, what are your skills, thinking about what you can do, who you can target, why would people need your services, learn to make a good quality gig and be attractive.
There are tutorials on youtube.

Be active and send buyer requests . :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! I would suggest taking a look at this post for more information on where to look for tips on getting more orders: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

Also, just for your information, buyers are not required to leave reviews, and asking for a review can result in a warning and/or getting your account restricted!