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Who can help ?!


Hello every one,
I am a new arrival here … just added my first gig and be activated but the problem is, I can’t see my gig in any search !!
Also I am trying to write the full name of the gig on the search bar but it still not appear !
I don’t know where is the problem ? And what I can do ?


If you JUST started you need to wait a few days. Sometimes it takes time to show.
In the meantime, make sure your gig is in the right category, add relevant keywords to your gig title and gig description and don’t forget about the tags.

Also, once your gig gets indexed into search it will show under “New Arrivals”.

Welcome and good luck!


you should wait A few days to see your gigs in search


It happens specially if your are new and you post your first gig. Let it not scare you , giveit 2-3 days .In addition just make sure you used the right tags and your gig is in the correct category.


Really thank you :))) So I have to wait :+1:


I did encounter this problem twice with my gig and I have over 7,2k reviews on it, and one day suddenly the gig vanished. I’ve contacted Customer Support and in the end, they accepted the problem was on their end, and solve it out. My advice is if you don’t see your gig in the next couple of days, contact Customer Support and they will help you out. Hope it helps, and good luck with your future sales!