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Who can make a Gig for me? I will pay for it


I need some help because everytime when im trying to make a new Gig im getting an error saying, my gig han fallen to pass our review.

I will pay if anybdoy can make a Gig for me.



Do you have a skill that is worthy of a gig? That should be the first question, rather than slapping something up and hoping that it sticks. Anyone who helps you is being foolish.


what is the gig you are trying to make? Most likely you are breaking Fiverr TOS?


Of course i have a skill but look what my problem is.


That kind of gig is not allowed. You can pay for it to be made, but Fiverr will just delete that. You’re throwing good money after bad. Just do something Fiverr does allow. And no, I’m not going to tell you what’s allowed–there are a lot of free resources out there to help you.


DId God not give you eyes, so that you might see? You should use them.


Okay i understand you…i was just asking for some help because is my first
day here and i didnt know the rules. I saw a lot of gigs like the i send
you and i thought they are allowed…but now i know they are not.
Just dont be so rude. I made i mistakr and im sorry for that.


If it’s your first day, you should be at the Academy and acquainting yourself with the rules, not posting gigs that aren’t accepted then trying to find ways around that.

I’m not being rude–I’m being blunt.


Oo okay…sorry for bothering you. And thanks for your help.


Usually, those kinds of Gigs are not allowed as per Fiverr ToS and YouTube ToS. Still, people seem to cheat their way around it somehow. … If you find any of these types of Gigs, report them to the staff via this form:


And what about website traffic? I mean website visits? Is that allowed?


Good God man, how do you expect to run a business if everyone is to spoonfeed you basic information which you can easily find yourself?