Who can share experiences for online shopping


how to verify something that are worthy or not when you buy it online? Someone who can help me



You can check for reviews for the particular product or check stars rating. Read out the description of a product and compare product from other sites providing same product. Through this, you’ll be able to compare. I shopped from ************* once and the product neither has reviews nor rating available and moreover, that product was not available on other site as well. So, at last I made my order and tool I risk . But, product was according to my expectations  I am describing this because this happened in many cases and we have return option with us in case product ordered was not good.



Worthy in terms of price and quality?
Well, if you’re talking about buying on Fiverr, I would suggest you check the seller’s portfolio or you can contact the seller if you really want to be sure about something. I would also check the seller’s reviews too.

But if you’re talking about online shopping outside of Fiverr, I don’t know if it’s something relevant to be talked about here on the forum… but I usually go for the sellers who have high ratings, just like in Ebay where you can see the ratings and reviews. :slight_smile:


If checking for online websites, make sure you shop on verified places. Such as Amazon, eBay, etc. If you’re wondering about shopping on Fiverr, check out the sellers reviews and contact them!!
I am a seller and I love to talk to my buyers!


To buy online I will advise you check the site owner and their contact details like address, phone number and the founder. if you can’t find any of this associated with the site don’t buy from it.
NB: most site are fake display to steal your details online. Be careful please