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Who can share his/her secret strategy to get regular buyer order?


Recently i have earn “1st level seller” badge. After getting this badge, one of my specific gig performance was so good. I had got 3 order without any buyer request. It was good to me. But suddenly, i have not get any order for any gig. sending buyer request, gig marketing over social media have failed to give good feedback to me. I don’t want to optimize my gig’s title, description, tag etc. I have 2 gigs which are ranked First page for specific keywords. It will good to me if anybody describe that how fiverr search algorithm showing it results when buyer search on “Search bar”? I mean, depending on which factor of gig, fiverr have shows seller’s gig’s when buyer search on fiverr search bar. I also want to know if my gig get ranked on first page for specific keyword what is the percentage of probability that my gig will sell. I also want to know that have there any kind of tools about keyword research for fiverr search which done by buyer or someone else.

Please help. Advance Thanks to all.


Perhaps this will help?