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Who comes up with these crazy ideas?

Can everybody see it or they made me the guinea pig this time?

Seriously, Fiverr, I don’t get it. Why do you come up with these half-baked stuff? I mean, what is this?

How tough is it to put the response time on top? It just screams half-baked right there.

Back to “what is this?”

Some of my buyers are so polite. They respond with messages like…


"Looking forward to it"


What do I do now?

Scold these buyers to f***ing shut up?

Because we don’t want good buyers on our platform? We want people who won’t reply for years, then return to demand a revision? Or those who expect us to read their mind without a word?

I mean, seriously, you want the buyers to be notified during the whole order? Give us a button to mark every message as read, which can then notify the buyer of the same. Easy.

Or, maybe, I’d just reply their “okay” with an “okay”, which sounds quite offensive. :eyes:

But, wait.

Inbox response rate now calculates every inbox message?

Or maybe not?

I don’t remember their original text but…

Is it even possible to say no to someone we don’t want to work with?




Agree with you bro, Fiverr should change those things and bring another update.


I think you got it right, Take a good look.


I thought it only applied to replying to the very first message received in a message or order. =/


Didn’t you read my “Welcome to Fiverr 3.0” thread on March the 20th?

It covered a good chunk of what was just released on Fiverr.

I tried to prepare people but now I see everyone’s “shook”.


Oh yeah - it’s described in this article Fiverr Help and Education Center - Everything you need to know about response time & rate. Interesting conundrum :thinking:

I’m not going to worry about it too much. My thoughts are that, naturally, everyone’s response time may not be 100% unless they are doing what was described, which is replying even when a reply would be awkward. I’m not going to do something to turn off my buyer, even if it has to do with a stat. Maybe I’m not worrying enough lol.


I read it and remember most of the conversation. I had no problem with it being a part of the ranking/matchmaking algorithm. The problem is it turning into yet another analytic metric that can now cause level demotion. And…

More goals == more stress.

I don’t care if my gigs get no impression. But stripping me off of a badge that I have had over the years is simply not okay.

And before you say ‘levels do not matter’, would you say the same about Pro badge?

That’s the old article. Nothing about the new “Order response rate” in there. :eyes:


So when I said that Fiverr now keeps track of how long it takes you to respond to order messages, what did you think would happen.

Why keep track of some metric if it doesn’t matter?

My POV has been the same for the past 2-3 years or so:

The marketplace keeps shifting.

It’s become so saturated that everything needs to be re-calculated.

You can adapt and learn how to deal with the new features, get left behind because you stayed mad and pout, or choose that this marketplace no longer works for you and start working on your exit strategy.

New metrics don’t necessarily mean that you will lose your level.

I am not downplaying these latest changes, I am mentally more prepared to face them as my personal research helped me figure this out back in January.

But I do think Fiverr actually needed to find new ways to measure performance.


Some people spend far too much energy analyzing Fiverr than putting that effort into why they are on Fiverr.

Just my two cents.


Some people don’t analyze before running into city squares and – they die.

Fiverrr makes up less than 20% of my overall revenue. I’m regularly OOO for 10-15 days in a given month. And I can ditch Fiverr at any moment.

Don’t need an exit strategy.

Because jumping on eggshells doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll break one.

Thanks for the heads up though.

They still do!

Replying messages doesn’t mean better performance. Buyers already rate for all that in their reviews anyway. Fiverr’s metrics, as of now, are only giving weight to the wrong aspect of the overall UX.

Think about it.


Fiverr wants sellers to behave differently.

These past few years they have been facing the same problems with their customers, over and over again:

-Complaints about unresponsive sellers

-Issues with what was promised and what was delivered

-An extremely high rate of cancellations

Everything also kind of exploded with Covid-19.

So all the changes they make are trying to solve specific problems that actually exist.

I do understand your POV and how you feel.

It’s great you are not that heavily invested in this marketplace.

That means that if all these changes -and the ones you have yet to find out about- are not for you, you can just bounce.

Or stop being as active.


Thank you all for shearing your ewxperiences :heart: :heart: :heart:

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thank you for shearing you experiences

I still can’t figure out why my inbox response rate went down to 92% but my inbox response time is 4 hrs. I’m thinking that some messages went into spam and that’s what happened, even though Fiverr denies it. I always answer all messages, even the spams, before deleting them.

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I always respond with an emoji like this: :wink:

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Have you asked them to point out the exact messages that were not answered? If they’re so certain, they should at least be able to point out the order page or buyer’s name that wasn’t answered.

At this point, it’s humanly impossible to maintain response rate. I don’t care anymore.



That’s definitely something you can try, they indeed are able to and did point out the names in a few cases where I asked them because of an inexplicable drop in my rate.

Not caring about response rate anymore is a solution too, though.


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How is this relevant to the topic being discussed here?

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