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Who deletes positive reviews?!

I am new to fiverr, and still experimenting with gigs I offer. Because you can only have 7 at a time (and paused gigs still count which is sad) I deleted a gig, and then realized with it went the review D:

So, the answer to the question is: I do.

Gladly the rating still stands, but I lost the wonderful review!!!

I am so stupid… argh! People here rant about deadlines, scam sellers and rude customers, but for me, I am my worst enemy… I am too timid to make offers in buyer’s request, still haven’t had the courage to post My Fivevrr gigs on the forum and now I go and sabotage myself deleting nice words said about my service :stuck_out_tongue:

If you wonder why I deleted a gig that I had already made a sale of, it is because technically the buyer asked something very different, it was a Finnish writing gig, but they wanted me to write short texts in English (despite the fact I told them I am not native). They even praised my texts, which was marvelous to have on your profile when people here complain about non-native speakers… doubleburn so I hadn’t actually made a sale according to the original parameters but didn’t realize the review will disappear with it as well until it was too late :frowning:

Well, now I know… Posting here to vent, and perhaps new sellers can learn from my mistake without having to make it themselves :smiley:

A review is linked to a service. A review without the object being reviewed doesn’t make any sense. That’s why they’re removed if you remove the gig.

But, anyway, I think that you make very nice drawings, and you’ll get more great reviews soon :slight_smile: