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Who Dictates Terms?

Today was my first try with Fiverr, but what a bad experience. A seller accepts my order and later says I did not read the gig and wants me to cancel the order. I have done it, but i believe Fiverr should look into such things. For the first time, the guy should have rejected the order. Why did he accept? he mentions he is not available till Monday. That’s fine and he can request a delayed submission which is logical. Such people should not do business on Fiverr and Fiverr should be more careful when they allow all tom, dick, and harry to become sellers and spoil others mood and spirit.


the guy should have rejected the order

Unless you mean you were messaging them and they said they could do it…

Sellers can’t reject orders. We can limit orders in queue, pause gigs and go out of office. If you place an order, that’s it - there’s no approval or rejection that we can do.

he is not available till Monday

Then they probably should be limiting the amount of orders they can have in their queue. It’s possible they’re unaware of that feature.

Such people should not do business on Fiverr

Because they’re busy? Bit of a strange take, just find a different seller.


Sellers can’t reject orders. You should contact a seller first, and ask if they can do it, before placing an order.


He didn’t accept it. We don’t have a choice to accept or reject orders. As soon as you place an order and fill the requirements the order immediately go into active status

If his profile did have out of the office till Monday then it might be a fiverr glitch that it allowed you to place an order.

You can just reach out to sellers first and they can send you a custom offer with the correct timeline


Appreciated and thanks for the advice to find a new seller.
I have found and am in discussion with the seller before placing the order.
I am sure will not the same mistake again.
Thanks, however.


That’s always a considerate thing to do and I believe the majority of sellers prefer a buyer contacting them first before placing an order to give an opportunity to hash out specifics, concerns, and compatibility with a potential order instead of receiving it blindly.