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Who do I contact or how do I for a serious issue

Basically have a community that I wanted an intro made for, seen a cool gun with an animation and asked for a little customizing to fit my idea, seller said he didn’t have time for custom stuff. He delivered a video which I thought still looked nice, showed my community and there was a backlash. He snuck into the video a prayer from the Quran that bashes my beliefs and bashes the legal use of marijuana. Basically saying we’re going to hell. Not to amused and would like to talk to customer support. I have the video but it won’t let me post it here.

Did you request a revision on your order asking to remove that part?

Yes. But I did complete order before it was spotted in the video. Gave the Scumbag 5 stars too.

Did you send him a message anyway asking for changes?

If you did and he is unresponsive you can go to help page, scroll down and press green contact us button

To me this isn’t a thing to request a revision for.
I’d be straight on to customer support about it as it’s clearly a deliberate decision they made to put this in.
I hope the seller gets banned for this.
Go to or email with the order number, ur name and seller name and explain the issue. Include the video or link to the video within the message.

If the seller didn’t want to work with you based on beliefs they could have legitimately cancelled the order either with you or through support. Instead they decided to do this and deserve to be reported.

Wow using your money to try to indoctrinate you. That’s beyond messed up. Please report this seller. Sorry this seller did this to you. This seller should be banned from Fiverr. I doubt it will happen, but yeah… This is so wrong.

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Go to or email