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Who do i talk to?

I worked with a seller who created a business card. When i sent the file to the printer, they informed me that there needs to be room for “bleed”.

I informed the seller two times but he never got back to me to do the adjustment. Now I have prepaid the printer and they won’t print because they need Bleed "0.125 inches of bleed is required on all sides of your artwork (0.25 inches total). The bleed needs to be a seamless extension of the artwork."

And the fiverr seller wont respond to me. WHAT SHALL I DO?

How much time has passed since the order was delivered? There is a button for request modification on the order page for 3 days after the order is delivered.

If the seller is intentionally ignoring you then you can go to resolution centre on the order page and ask the support to get involved. In that case, the seller will definitely reply with a resolution.

Does the seller’s gig allow for revisions like this? Your seller might not be responding because you are asking for additional work after the work according to the original instructions has already been completed, and he doesn’t offer revisions. Or, he might just be being rude. Either way, you could take the task to another seller or try to get CS involved, though I can’t imagine the seller would want to do any sort of high quality work if they’re being forced to work for free–that’s assuming they have some sort of revision policy.

Also, are you trying to contact him through the PM system or on the order page? If you’ve only sent messages on the order page, try the PM system or vice versa.

@paulbains You might have asked for alot of modification, so he said, I am Not doing work with this rude Buyer asking asking and asking.JK JK Jk Jk Jk

Of course Not,He might have alot of work in que. So he has no time, to make revisions.

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You are A top Rated Seller (Awesome Thing) But you have 1 order in que.

Do you think that each buyer has a time where he stops selling and time where he gets flooded with orders.

Reply to @hdlogodesigner: So you’ve been spying on me ? Creepy :open_mouth:

I have no life so I hang out in the forum often. Yes sometimes we get more orders. sometimes nothing.

Did you tell the seller you needed bleed when you placed the order?

Maybe you need to contact the seller and say you will order another gig from them so they can fix it. If you accepted the order, then to the seller it is complete.

I’m feeling generous. PM me the file and I’ll fix it for free.

I’m surprised the printer didn’t go through with the job. Adding a bleed shouldn’t take long even if the seller has a lot on their plate.

Reply to @topaz_muse: but I wonder what kind of design it is and what kind of file they were supplied with.