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Who do you look up to? People that you really know in your life


I assume everyone has at least that one person in our lives that we look up to. They could be your mother, father, best friend, spouse, teacher, etc. You learned good things from these people and implement those good things in your life.

Who are the 3 people do you look up to the most and why? (This thread is only about people that you really know in your life, NOT some popular celebs).


Mine are my grandfathers (RIP), my father, and my husband. Don´t get me wrong, I love my grandmothers (one of them is RIP) and my mother, and all the older people in my family taught me to be kind by showing me examples. However, those who I look up to the most are my grandpas (edited - I look up to both my late grandpas), dad, and hubby, coz in summary, they are just cool people and never make a big deal of anything, they never sweat the little things. They never tried to impose things on me. They also have taught me how to think, not what to think.


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My father’s determination and ambition to earn three advanced college degrees, putting himself through all the years of college by driving a cab at night is truly amazing. Unlike most who take the bar exam to get his license to practice law, he passed it on his first try. He is my hero.


WOW, your father is amazing @misscrystal ! He must be your big inspiration. Bless you and your father :slight_smile:


I’m blessed to have the parents I have. :heart:


My mom, my maternal grandfather and grandmother.


@zeeshan_tirmizi I like your new profile picture :slight_smile:

I used to play Mario bros on Nintendo as a kid.

Exactly this type, I got the picture from Google.


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@zeeshan_tirmizi What are the good things they have taught you? Care to share? :slight_smile:


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@ wuerz123

Ive seen that post u have just deleted, I can’t be fooled you are no Walter Kovacs / Rorschach!

I look up to Mario.


I played other games too on that Nintendo but Mario bros was my #1 favorite. :slight_smile:


Have you met Luigi by any chance?


No, everytime I called a plumber and asked for Luigi he was always busy :slight_smile:

It was always Mario who came to the rescue :joy:


My maternal grandma has always cared for me unconditionally. My grandpa taught me to live life with morals. My mom is example of tolerant and patient woman and strongly remembers god in everything. However I’ve learnt only few things from them. :sweat_smile:


@zeeshan_tirmizi Haha! Me too! Of all the good things older people in my family taught me, I haven´t implemented totally all. I still have a lot to learn even at this age :sweat_smile: