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Who does fiverr serve? Is there a secret TOS?


In a very upsetting interaction with Fiverr Customer Service. One that seems to be full of purposeful maliciousness and authoritarian aggression toward me, something came out that has caused me to ask.

Who does Fiverr Serve?

Now you can almost anticipate the trolls to follow saying, “It’s their company, they can do as they like.” However, there are major limits to that kind of noise.

For example, the company is made up of dozens, perhaps hundreds of employees. How can the “company” do as it wishes unless those employees are somehow informed?

Further, there does appear to be a public TOS. And, of course, like most of these TOSs they’re designed in a way to harm those “voluntarially” agreeing to them. Even so…

Is there a secret TOS that Fiverr uses to which “we’ve agreed” but to which we’re uniformed?

I was just told that Fiverr CS has the right within the TOS to “edit feedback”. Yet, when I asked to see that in the TOS it was not provided. A search for the term “edit feedback” in the TOS yielded no results. Further the word “edit” doesn’t appear at all. There are words like credit, edited, accredited, etc. But the word edit appears no where.

So, why is Fiverr CS reporting that the TOS contains language it does not? Perhaps the manager was being …colloquial? We’ll soon see.

However, the deep sense that people have, a sense that is growing daily, that there is something fundamentally wrong with Fiverr will only be hastened by these problems.

What issues have you noticed with Fiverr and CS that lead you to wonder about its real purpose and how transparent are it’s policies?


When i am wrong boss is right
When boss is wrong then still boss is right.

Did you get what i am trying to say?
Everyone knows about many things fiverr doing here are 1000% wrong! But nothing we can’t do!

So i am suggesting you to give the best of you! Whether you a get a positive result or negative try to keep smile on your face.


####:arrow_up_down: TROLL :arrow_up_down:


The Terms of Service are what YOU must abide by not their CS.


Such rubbish…
Nitpicking word usage is completely ridiculous. Just look under the section titles “Reviews” and it is explicitly clear that CS has the right to edit or remove reviews.


One of the reasons Fiverr has the part about editing/removing reviews is because of fake reviews. What’s stopping you from asking your mother, father, sisters, brothers, wife/husband, etc…from ordering a gig and them reviewing you as the best thing since sliced bread?


Telling you that it is THEIR website/company is not being a troll.

  1. You don’t have to come on fiverr whatsoever, go to a competition if you want, nothing stopping you
  2. Do I have a right to tell you how I am going to act when I enter YOUR house (in real life)? No, You will most likely not want me to take poop in the middle of the floor of your living room.


@eoinfinnegan, I’m not really seeing anything that expressly says that CS can edit reviews, just that reviews which violate TOS will be removed (see bullet point 2):

I want to know more about what led to this incident! Is it the Moaning Minnie at the top of your feedback heap at the moment?

I think we’re all quite aware that Fiverr says one thing and does another, so I am a bit perplexed at this outburst of patriotic fervor. Quite frankly, saying [quote=“derekppc, post:4, topic:112883, full:true”]
The Terms of Service are what YOU must abide by not their CS.

has terrifying and dictatorial implications.

Don’t be so fecetious.

Ah, the old “might is right” argument. It holds absolutely no water here. Fiverr is not your boss. It is a platform which you pay 20% commission to in exchange for an eas(ier) supply of customers. Are you telling me that Fiverr is 100% right in all it does? I’ll remember that when you suddenly have a change of heart.

Now, OP. Spill da beanz.


Oh, look it’s a little unpaid Fiverr volunteer moderator calling a post rubbish and claiming something is “explicitly clear”. Good sir, care to show exactly where that’s clear?


Not sure what you think I know about their secret agendas and hidden TOSs.

If I knew of any secrets I would expose them fully. Of course, we are seeing the trolls come out in full force as I predicted.


Never mind the trolls, and it’s not helpful to accuse them as such. I, too, loathe trolls. I simply want to know about the incident that led up to this conclusion as you’re rather light on details.


I’m wondering what this is all about. Whether or not Fiverr explicitly says in the ToS that they can edit reviews, I don’t follow the logic you present, although I don’t know what really happened. Did a buyer ask Fiverr to change a review to a lower one and they did? Without knowing what happened it’s hard to say much in return.

This is a totally different issue. If by employees you mean their paid staff, sure they can do as they wish without notifying employees. If a company decides to demote an employee for poor performance, they don’t have to send out a memo about it or even have it in the employee handbook that they have the right to demote people. There could be legal issues if they handled it wrong, but only between the affected employee, the company and the courts. If by employees you mean the users, then it’s even less applicable. Users are just contractors.

Companies have the right to change their rules. It would be really NICE if they informed everyone about everything, but it doesn’t always happen. I see that as annoying, but nothing that would stop me from using the service. If I felt that Fiverr was 1000% wrong on many things as @iamsachmusic said, I don’t think I’d still be buying and selling here. Fiverr isn’t perfect and they screw up sometimes. That’s about it.

If someone at CS told you specifically that the ToS says they have a right to edit feedback, I agree that the current wording doesn’t have the word edit in it. I actually don’t think it would have to be in the ToS, though. Usually they don’t edit reviews anymore, they just remove them or not. If a buyer asked them to edit a review and they saw a real reason to do so, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them act on it. So, I’m with emmaki on wanting to hear the full story. Without that, this is all just random opinions.


I am not stating what CS does is right or wrong. I am simply stating that, for his argument, the terms of service is merely an agreement in which the user of Fiverr must abide by or risk the privilege of losing access to Fiverr.


not being fecetious.



Another great pun flies into the horizon unseen and unloved. Do I need to spell it out?

That may be so, but the issue here seems to be something that isn’t in the TOS, which rather flummoxes the argument, or at least puts users on constantly shifting sands not knowing what the actual TOS is. Terrifying and dictatorial either way you look at it–if the people who are arbitrating the TOS (as I read your OP) aren’t held to it, then… you know? It’s an agreement of standards between the company and the user, not just a one sided “thou shalt…”


I also hear they silenced him and blocked him from the forum. Wow, it’s getting bad!


Who told you that? I have gotten no such information.


What are you talking about?


A mystery new poster, but old user enters the arena!


Is the issue related to your 2 1/2 star review? We can help you better if you tell us what happend.