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Who does really good logo work

I was wondering if anyone has had a great experience with a logo designer on fiverr

I currently work for an agency, but as a freelancer my specialty was logo design for many years. I have done probably hundreds of logo and other identity related projects (including $2000+ budget designs).

If you are looking to get something quick and clean, then I’m online most of the time. If you are planning to make a bigger investment, and money is no object, then contact me for a custom quote.

But no matter what the budget, at least you can be sure that your logo is not going to made from freely available MS fonts.

Hi, Just try and see :smiley: also you will take what you pay for :wink:

Reply to @vectormoon: You need to polish your sales pitch! Instead of saying your logo won’t be as bad as someone else’s you should focus on saying how good it will be. :wink: