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Who does the moderation and review for buyer request... software?


Alright guys, I’ve been here on Fiverr since two months ago as a seller. Now, I want to spend some of my Fiverr Revenues and that, I wanted to buy a Gig. I plan of buying a Video Gig, Gifts and Fun Gigs. And so I did a buyer’s request saying…

"Need someone to do a sexy video birthday greeting for a guy friend"

Guess what? My request got denied…

And why it got denied? Who moderates the buyer’s request? Does my requested Gig violates any Fiverr TOS?

…Well, I just saw a Gig offering TOPLESS VIDEO.


I don’t think those are moderated by a person. It has to be a bot. Probably it checks the string and looks for trigger words stumbling upon which it must be flagging and dening. It can be a combination of words also.



why not just search variants of “sexy video birthday greeting”?



Yeah, most probably… it’s a bot. But it’s not effective…

…and look! I just saw this Gig request…

“hack into my competitors website and scrape their email list for me.” …haha!


Reply to @touchtype: Lol i’ve never done any requests, but I’ve seen things that just make me really wonder who is approving them. Some of them clearly violate their own TOS.


You’re absolute correct @est1990… It is a clear violation of their own TOS.

“atechkid” mentioned that It could be a bot who’s doing the moderation (sorta), but nevertheless, it should be backed up by a real person moderator who can actually decide which one to approve and which should not. Because if their system continues to operate like this… many malicious person will abuse this platform.


Reply to @touchtype: haha, I did bid on that one, the buyer did not reply till now.


@atechkid… you did? Uh, well… careful…


I sent Customer Support two tickets this week alone about fake buyer requests passing through. They always thank me for notifying them and them BAM, another fake request is posted later that day. I believe it is a bot that “approves” them.

If you submit your own buyer request and it is legitimate yet DENIED, don’t bother to ask CS why. You will receive a pompous response about them not sharing their “formula” with you. (Sorry, CS, it’s the truth and you know it!). Not to mention it is a very useless response, especially if you want to make things right and abide by their rules. {YOU: My gig was denied. What do I do? FIVERR: Fix it. YOU: I’m not sure what’s wrong. Could you show me? FIVERR: Just fix it. We’re not going to tell you what’s wrong so don’t ask! YOU: @-) :-? }Post some fake crap instead and watch it fly under the radar in a flash.

Particularly grating are the ones where sellers are clearly advertising their gigs.

cheezees said: Particularly grating are the ones where sellers are clearly advertising their gigs.

I just saw one right before I opened up this thread.... It has to be a bot approving them!


Reply to @est1990: Has to be, right? AGAIN, there’s one that violates Fiverr’s and Amazon’s TOS. Yesterday Support asked me to send them the person’s username. What good would that do? “Buyers” switch accounts and repost…with the SAME wording :stuck_out_tongue:

Betcha I could post this nonsense and get it “approved”. :))