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Who doesn't want a cheap Ultra HD Premium Netflix?

Hello everyone i just started a gig today about creating netflix premium accounts for all the plans possible.
i offer to create premium accounts which will be only yours and used only by you for cheaper prices because i believe everyone should be watching HD and ULTRA HD movies and latest series. i’m expert in research so i always have new methods for getting anything cheaper than the original price.
You can check my gig out here :

Let me know what do you think ?


Any orders i get from here i will deliver in 24hours only. just state it while ordering.

Hi there @yu2078, I don’t think you’re allowed to sell Netflix accounts. I was thinking to add some similar promotions. You see, I have good friends in Sweden who works for Spotify and they offer premium plans for just a bargain, this because these premium plans are outdated and are sold cheap.

However, I talked to CS about this before I added as a gig to my platform as I thought it was an amazing opportunity for folks who needs premium for a year, but it was denied. So be careful because you offering stuff that is not allowed on Fiverr. You better do this kind of promotion on Social Media.

Good luck!!



@hum_on_the_go but i’m not selling netflix accounts. i just helping users to create theirs. they will create them themselves. not me.

i use torrent which is super cheap XD!!!


@rites001 enjoy hahaha

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Can’t people just open their own netflix account like the millions of people who already done so? So if they buy your $10 gig they get 2 months of netflix correct? Do they also have to pay the monthly netflix fee as well? I’m pretty sure netflix is gonna want their cut.

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Awesome, could be really cool for some people! I just launched my own logo gig!

they won’t pay it for the 2 months no.

I’m having a hard time to understand why people should order from you instead quickly do this by themselves?

It’s easier, faster, safer and cheaper.

I hope you succeed on this, but I don’t believe people need this

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2months of premium costs 25$

You delete your GIG , Right ? … @yu2078