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Who else has never done a $5 job

I see a lot of 5$ jobs here on fiverr, since I started using this platform, I have never done a 5$ job or even a 50$. I am an animator, a professional for that, most clients thinks Animations is easy as abc, first you have to have the skills, then you need to have a very powerful computer, then you need to have licence to professional softwares, for custom made designers. Most of them still ask for voice overs. I think fiver should scrap 5$ gig from design and videos, it is very bad. Somene contacted me for 3mins videos, 2 custom character fully rigged, I will create them myself, add voice over, animate the video for 3 mins, for 5$. I laughed had and just blocked him.:grin:

Let me add I am a level one seller, so my price also increased.


nice thankyou so much😍

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In principle I fully agree with you. But there are several reasons why I don’t think this will happen.

Firstly, Fiverrr’s own brand. Fiverr. The company has built its name on selling services from only $5. Only a very brave company changes the basic premise of their successful branding.

Secondly, Fiverr appears to take the approach of “let the market decide”. In other words, it lets anyone and everyone join Fiverr, and the strong will survive. Some of these will be $5 sellers who pride themselves on being cheap (terrible concept, but each to their own).

In some parts of the world $5 represents two hours’ work. Where as in the UK, where I am, it represents closer to 20 just minutes of the minimum legal hourly rate, or 15 minutes of a fair rate - which is what I aim for. There will be some sellers no doubt who think $5 is only worth 10 minutes of their time, etc.

So in real terms it is realistic for someone living in some parts of the world to be earning 8 times the hourly rate that I am here in the UK - arguably we can both do the same job. The point I’m making is that the Fiverr premise still holds true in many parts of the world. It is possible for individuals to offer services for $5 and make good money - ALTHOUGH where I live in the UK, and many other parts of the developed world, that is utter nonsense! I’m certainly not endorsing $5 gigs though.


Youre right. Countries like india or Bangdleshi, i dont know how to spell that, can offer 5$ and still make it… If we are to use hourly rate, then maybe 5% could work for some people, but still not for me, escpecially in aniamtion. 10 minutes in aimation. feels like 7 days of work… Like taking a full job, to animate objcts, characters for 10 minutes runtime, is enternity, there is no way you can do that even in 24hours. considering you need time to eat, take stroll etc.@english_voice 5$ for 10 minutes of work, wouldn’t stand in animation and video production.

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Depends completely on the job. Yes, some categories I can see why you can’t really offer a minimum viable product for $5, as it’s not really scalable. I’ve done $5 jobs, but almost all of them were properly priced for the work that went in.


my first order was $5 … it was my starting as a fiverr seller . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Let people decide their own pricing. Maybe you don’t want to work hours for $5, but perhaps others do. We can think what we want about people offering services for $5, but I also think that those sellers should have their own choice.

I started out offering services at $5. I even worked for $0.5 per hour a couple of times. Maybe there was another and better way to grow and get reviews, but I don’t regret it. I am proud of my journey. It has led me to where I am today charging closer to $50 per hour of work.


I also have done 5$ job for one page invoice and got 5 star review.


Never got paid less than 10$ (the first time) and I doubled my prices after that. I will up them again as I hit Level 1. Never did starting at more than 5 dollars hinder me from getting orders, like many want you to believe. That claim is notoriously baseless.

5$ for a service are actually barely justifiable to me most of the times, nearly for all niches. I can only see myself asking for 5$ if I have to do a touch up on a previous job or something truly minuscule that will take me a quarter of an hour or less.


@vibronx are you a video editor, I mean animator, rigging characters with after effects or blender, I guess you’re not, cause if you where, you wouldn’t accept a $5 job, unless it’s like 5 seconds. I can only really consider doing a gig of $5 if the video is 5 seconds of riging, then maybe, but not for 60 to 240 seconds. I have turned down over 10 jobs this week because the highest was 50 for 3mins of custom riging and movement, plus background elements will also be animated. Come on. If you are skilled with what you do, you will charge 500 even as a beginner and get leveled. I reached level one doing only 3 jobs that got me staright to 1500$. No need to reach 10. And since then, price has increased

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I never sell my service for five-dollar because don’t get any order till now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:sed_eyes:

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You shouldn’t be so quick to assume what others are and aren’t. I used to be a video animator (not on Fiverr), but for my own YouTube channel. My dream at that point was to become a filmmaker, so my ambition was very high - as a result, I made very effects-heavy videos. And, yes, that means rigging, animating in After Effects.

I spent several months on one video of 2 min and 52 seconds. My PC at the time was extremely slow, so getting every frame done was a battle.

I know what video editing takes. I am still a video editor of more simple stuff on YouTube (with tens of thousands of subs). I am also a video game developer (also not on Fiverr), which can be even more time-consuming than video editing. And it does still not matter what I would accept or not (I probably would have accepted it for $5 at the time, which was many, many years ago. I would have been over the moon that someone would want to pay me for creative work). People should have the right to charge whatever they want.

On Fiverr, I offer mostly translations. That takes a lot of time and effort, too, whether you believe it or not.

EDIT: Again, I am not saying you have to offer $5 gigs in case you didn’t understand. I am saying people should have the choice to do so.


I don’t see anything wrong with a $5 gig. If you could get 8 gigs for $5 each. That would be $32 a day and for 5 days it would be 160.00. For a month, that would be $640. Not bad for a beginner. I like it. Thank you, Fiverr.


Lol. @kendal1747 you don’t even get the point. I am saying some categories 5 gigs should be scrapped, like Animations, there is no way you can make 5 everyday on animation talk more of making upto 500$ a month or so, cause animation takes time, maybe for copywriters, everyother gig, it’s very easy to make 5$ a day. companies charge from 5$ to $10,000 for just 3 minutes of animation… imagine taking just $5 per one… i guess the buyers are not informed.

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Sorry, you are right about animation and other gigs that are very time consuming. I was only thinking about my gig. You can make a reasonable amount of money starting out in voice over by taking $5 gigs. Again, sorry about that.

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If you’re not creative enough to come up with an animation-template gig that takes less than 10 seconds to complete, well… :woman_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

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@wordsfire and if the clients wants a custom offer, has his own design, his own type of character looks, how will you solve that? i would love to learn.

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The truth is brother…

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I’m a Level 1 Seller too, but I actually do a lot of $5 orders!

Fiverr isn’t my main source of income, so I don’t charge too much on here. For the work I do, I think what I’m charging (between $5 and $15) is a good price.

Fiverr won’t be getting rid of $5 gigs anytime soon. While some people may see $5 gigs as a waste of time, for others it could be their main source of income.


I work with video too and have never done $5 job.

To me, 5$ would mean just to put an end title to existing footage and render using free software.

5$ simply does not work for me and it’s fine.

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