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Who else has never done a $5 job

As someone with 40+ years of experience in media and marketing, I built my freelance business partly from Fiverr.

When I first came here I offered $5 Gigs to “get my feet wet” and once I had a stable of regular clients, I started raising my prices.

I have continued to raise my prices at least annually as my costs continue to climb (internet, printing costs, software updates, my time).

Although I usually advise against creating $5 Gigs, it is what got me started on this platform.

I currently have two non-Fiverr contracts in place that pay me a great deal more than I would ever make here, so I’m fine with Fiverr providing me with “filler” jobs.

That being said, I am lucky to have created some great relationships on Fiverr with professional Buyers I am always happy to work with in addition to my many non-Fiverr clients I had before I came to this platform.

EDIT: I should add that I provide web content (blogs, articles) so a different sort of product to video editing or video production.


I have also done some 5$ jobs, it was my beginning stage and I needed some reviews.


Custom requirements, custom offer. What’s so tough to understand?

I charge more than most of the Pro sellers in my category. However, what I do not recommend is people disrespecting people. If someone wants to offer a $5 gig, they have and should have all the rights to do so. Period.


i still do not know what is wrong and what is right. still learning.


The first 2 months I started on fiverr, I just finished my studies in video/audio production, covid has come and school and companies closed.
I came on fiverr and had absolutly 0 idea about how business and services promotion was working, neither what price to set, I watched tips about people saying you have to do things for 5€ to get reviews and more prestige, so I was doing pro video editing for 5€, yes…
But with this, I’ve got some reviews and then I was able to raise up my prices and I am now earning decent money.

I watched your gigs, you must be VFX artist, your niche requieres maximum skills and expertise.


Your journey on Fiverr is one that so many people could learn from.

Too right you should be proud. You have grown your business in a very wise and humble way.


Back in the day when the site first came out, I use to sell simple gigs for $5. The last gig I sold, after coming back, was more than $5. While scrapping the $5 idea sounds good, it’s pretty much what got the company noticed all those years ago.

While it sounds simple to charge more than the standard fiverr, not everyone will be onboard for it from both the seller and buyer side. While I see your point for the categories and pricing thing, it will not be sustainable in the long run. Not everyone can charge more than $5 and not everyone wants to spend more than $5.

There’s also too much risk involved for some sellers that charge accordingly. If it’s not buyers looking for a discount, it’s buyers doing chargebacks after they get the work. I haven’t worked with an animation software since the early days of Flash when it was owned by Macromedia.

The last animation project I did was back in 2018 and that was done frame-by-frame without animation software. Everyone is free to charge what they want for their time on each gig just as buyers are free to choose which sellers they want to buy from.


In this way I have done my first job $10 but as that was my first job so I do more than the buyer requirements…so buyer gave me $10 tips …:+1::+1::+1::+1:

Everyone is at a different spot in their freelancing journey, and what they charge, no matter what their specialty, is their business. Some start at $5 because they’re under the impression that you start there for reviews and work your way up. This is partially because in a lot of areas, that’s how the old-timers did it, so that’s how they say newbies need to do it, too. If someone has the skills and quality to justify raising their rates, it won’t take them very long at all to realize that the $5 slog is not where they want to be. If someone is well established or already produces top quality in their field and is coming onto the platform to test the waters, they’re not going to want to charge $5, and that’s great, too.

Everyone’s gotta run their race how they see fit, and they’ll learn real quick what they will and will NOT put up with. But being elitist, snobbish or rude about how someone else conducts their business doesn’t boost or promote your own.

What’s more productive and less frustrating isn’t raging against the folks who charge $5. It’s being kind and encouraging. Promote learning valuable lessons along the way, improving every day, educate with kindness and folks will figure out the rest on their own as they grow.


No, my lowest job was $10 and even that should have been a lot higher.

It does depend on what one makes though as some things can be $5 and that is probably ok (assuming that we are not talking about people who sell/resell garbage).

Being in music, everything is time-consuming and this is how it should be (unless you want to be doing nothing but formulaic work, assuming that your clients want flat sounding songs).

I do a bit in Blender to make videos and that is hard, hard stuff. While you could pre-set a lot, it is still going to be a lot of skilled work to deliver anything that doesn’t look like half-broken formula garbage (probably made in Daz lol).

Happy Birthday @vibronx



Thank you so much, @benedictrm ! :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, but I use after effects to create my Animations, I don’t use templates, I am skilled enough to create my own animations, design different from what everyother person is doing. If there is a way to create a template on after effects and use it for different videos, expect from slides and transitions. Cause you can’t use one after effects template to create same video which has a different type of script, you still need to rig the characters if there will be movement and that takes time.

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5$ or 50$ it’s not point. point is price should be charge on value of work.

WOW…yeah true and I am not ever done a job for $5…

Dear friend pardon me but this is really joke to me,cause Fiverr is a brand,something NOT like “hey we are the Five-ors,we do the jobs for five dollars” that is not Fiverr was standing for…
Fiverr is a platform which has USD5 minimum price range…and that is why Fiverr is super popular…and if someone believe this is only for $5 things, HMM sorry my man,your are wrong…
But in case there are a few large platforms for million dollar projects,
anyway back to the points…

Fiverr has a GIG range from $5-$995 and custom offer range from $5-$5000 for level 1 and $10000 for level 2 and for top rated ones.
so I think that was a huge range. And there is no law to set-up your gig or service for $5…you can customize it.
Also Fiverr is not a place which low grade you,but also this is not a place to upgrade you,cause all we here are only users,there are no skill testing algorithm in here Fiverr.
This is a virtual market-just only have one single simple easy creative vision

“you can get your thing done here,even for $5”
but it does not mean everyone must do the all things for $5…but someone can and it is totally their right…

Even my first order is not about USD5,not even close to FIVE…but believe me or not…I am still love this idea,
$5 thing…
It is the key fact in here,it is the only reason to attract the buyers…


For me, what’s important isn’t that it costs $5, it’s what work does it take to earn that $5?

For my Gig at $5, I make 4 mouse clicks and transmit 1 Google drive link, so for me it’s profitable!

Yeah you are correct. Love your Profession and respect your profession. Please tell cheap buyers to step back :laughing:

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