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Who Else Hates "Pending Review"?


Not only does it take all the excitement out of posting a new gig, it also makes you wary of editing it lest it go back into Pending Review Hell, even if you really, really have to make a change to it because you have a lot of buyers who are getting things wrong.

It also seem so arbitrary. There are so many flags on posting already, why the pointless busy work for CS?

Do Not Want. :frowning:


Yea, I agree…it sucks.


Agree with arnevb there. It could end up a well weird place without moderators. Often with a lot of things we often fail to see what goes on behind the scenes…I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d ever encountered dodgy video’s from wrong-un’s before.

Better to have videos reviewed than to all of a sudden have a willy in your sight lol


Reply to @fractalmoon: Well, I don’t do videos … so I just think “uh, my bunny hat really needs a review??” LOL.


I have a new gig under review atm…I really want to start promoting but cant until its live. Then I tweaked another gig now that is also under review! :frowning:

I do appreciate a gig being reviewed, but just wish they had a faster turn around time or an option to fast track my gig review for say a dollar or something.


It is annoying but still a good idea…




Reply to @arnevb: excellent point arnevb