Who else is dropped from search like me


My search is dropped from page first or from any other page. A few month ago i was on first page by searching “Tri fold” but now i am not anywhere. That’s why i am not getting any orders. NO clicks no impressions.
Any suggestions please? I also added video to my gigs. But still no improvements. I also realize that with word search of “Tri fold” Maximum 3 pages are with trifold brochures but few week there were many page. What happen with all these pages and searches.
I am worried.
Please help.
Thank You.



Dear Abida:

My take on this is that Fiverr’s algorithms are unknowable and seem to be in a state of constant flux.

I suggest you start promoting your profile, so that people who land on that page will see nothing but YOUR gigs.

I also suggest you check out Fiverrcast episode 38:

Good luck,


You can contact customer support to have your gig looked if it doesn’t show up in search results. You can verify if this is the case using a incognito browser. I had the same issue 2 days ago and it has been resolved since then :slight_smile:


Thank you. I will contact support if they can help. Thanks.


Thank you i will read this transcript and will see if i can get help with this.


Did you update your gig recently? I updated 2 of my gigs about 2 weeks ago and those completely disappeared from search.

It took 4 days for those to appear in the specified categories.

There seems to be a more detailed review process now which explains the delay.

Make sure you have relevant tags in your gig title and gig description. Also, don’t forget the tags.

And as previously mentioned you can always contact customer support to see if everything is OK with your gig.

Some gigs no longer meet the editorial focus which means they won’t appear in search.
Good luck!


Thanks for detailed reply I will must contact fiverr support about my gigs and will update you all here.
One more thing that when i will searched word “trifold” there are only 3 pages with tri fold brochures came. This is main key word for this job that used in 100s of titles and tags but its amazing that there are only 3 pages show up with trifold brochures.



Also i added videos to my gigs a couple of months ago. But instead of improving my search its decreased everything.


If you ask me a client would most likely search the keyword “Flyer” instead of brochure.

You might want to play around with your keywords and add as many relevant keywords as possible. And remember, whenever you make changes, it will take a few days to reflect in search.


Yeah search is broken.

Search on meta data like level, online, british-english etc that you know MUST reveal your gig and its pot luck whether it will show. And its not because you are a long way down a list. A filtered search will often bring back less than a page worth of results. Sometimes the gig is there, other times its not.

I raise this regularly with CS and am told it will be looked into. Later I get a message that my gigs are now showing and its true. No explanation. No apology.

It’s pretty poor that I have to keep chasing CS to fix search.


That’s Good if they response and fixed it. I hope the will fix my search problem too. But you are right over all search system is broken or not buyer friendly.


I had pretty much the same issue as vakart. I didn’t get a single click for weeks and I wasn’t able to find it in the search using the correct filters.

So I contacted customer support and it was fixed within a day. Response from CS had only one line “Your gigs should be appearing on search momentarily” and that was it. No explanation. No apology.

Now everything looks fine again :slight_smile:


Same happened to my GIG also but its has started Picking up views and clicks now !


Seems like it picking up views. Also i did contact with CS and they response very fast. They said everything is okay it should be visible in search. They also sent me screenshots and i was in search. Seems view and clicks are now increasing.


Update :blush: I am again visible in search now. Happy :slight_smile: As before Now my tri fold gig can be found on page one by searching "tri fold"
Fiverr Rocks!
Will update you with increase in views and clicks.
Thank you all for your suggestions and help. Thanks.