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Who else is receiving friendly contact from young African men?

Happy New Year!

Now I am confident enough to say that I know that I am an attractive woman but at the same time I am certain that I am not the only one receiving messages from young looking African men.

Are there any other women (or perhaps even men) receiving messages that simply ask how you are doing?

Two have contacted me so far and as much as it is flattering, I wasn’t aware of Fiverr adding a dating service to their portfolio.

I have since reported both of them.


Tip for Fiverr sellers - THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE :slight_smile:

I don’t attract creepy messages at all :frowning: no, wait :slight_smile:

Yes. They say “hi”. Sometimes a message a day such as “How are you doing?”

“Good morning” “Hope you are well today”

Lol I have received some as well but not from Africa.

I receive messages from Young European women saying “Hello!” I’m horrified, I think I’m going to report them.

Oh! Sorry to hear this!


I only report them because I am not selling what they are looking to buy.
Or in other words, they clearly don’t want to buy anything. There are lots of dating sites that they can go to if they are trying to make friendly contact.

Plus as a Fiverr member, we would never have personal contact anyway as that would be against Fiver’s Terms and Conditions to exchange personal information.

If those European women are bothering you report them!! Don’t accept the harrassment. Men have rights too!

Yes its annoying and time consuming. They clearly are not sending a message related to what I am selling, just wasting my time. In other words, it’s spam.


Some buyers have no idea how to start a conversation, or, in some cases, it’s about cultural differences. In some countries, it’s rude to get straight to the business, so they start with “How are you?”, “I hope you’re doing fine”, “Hi”…

These are not buyers.

Seems interesting but they are just wasting your time