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Who else is waiting for first order?


I started using fiverr couple of months before and published gig now waiting for the first order who else is waiting for their first order ?


I got my first order 10days ago, now waiting for second order! :grinning:


I signed up to fiver over 20 days ago, and am yet to get my first order. Please can anyone help? Thank you so much.


Congrats on your first order hope you will loads of orders :slight_smile:


be descriptive, add as much detail as you can, great sceenshot & add a video that will increase the chances of sale… i am thinking about adding a video too… Good Luck!


create account today and now waiting for 1st order.


Hi everybody. Waiting for my first order here also and as well. I am new to this and will be reading the forum here quite a bit! Take care and have a nice day.


I Got my First Order 250 Days Ago, Today i am waiting for my 251st order :wink:


I just created my Fiverr account this month and I have yet to receive my first order. So I’m still waiting…:slight_smile:


@andrea_kizinger @peteaistrop @digipixtrooper i hope in up coming days you will get flood of orders Good Luck Guys