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Who else is waiting to become a TRS like me?

If it is about struggle and time dedication, I am fully devoted to Fiverr and the proof is that I check my Fiverr after every 5 Mins, and When I get on my Laptop I brows Fiverr as my First website on my browser. My fingers have gone habitual of typing FIVERR everywhere. Its kinda very life helping platform.

The question is here who else is facing the same situation and waiting to become a FIVERR Top Rated Seller like me. Now its about the luck when it will knock my destiny door and I am keeping up my stamina to get the TRS badge on any condition. Well wishing all other dedicated Fiverr sellers for getting TRS. Best of luck

Comment pls. Thanks


To be honest, I’m not sure that I would want to be a TRS. I mean, I would… Kind of. The only problem is that at the moment I like the steady rhythm of work which I have coming in and I’d actually be a bit worried that being a TRS would put me under too much pressure.

Of course, there are perks like better CS support and quicker payments clearing. But I’m pretty happy where I am at the moment.

I don’t think it really makes a difference, at least as far as content writers are concerned…the busiest content writers are those who deliver work cheap and fast. I don’t get as much work as some of the level 2 sellers in my category as I deliver work cheap but slow, but that’s good because I don’t want to get more work than I can handle. Thing is I don’t spend the money I make as a writer, all of it goes into the bank, and a part of it goes to the government as tax. My taxes are higher than my expenses. So I am happy as long as I get enough work to stay busy and spend my time productively. Not too crazy about making a lot of money.

I prefer having goals that i can reach by my own actions and thus becoming a handpicked TRS is not one of my goals. Although i do strive to meet some of the requirements for becoming a TRS such as:
Maintain a high star rating - Well i dont care about the stars so much but i do want my customers to be happy with the work i do for them and most of the time that results in a good rating.
Exceptional customer care - I always treat customers as well as possible within reason.
Have a low cancellation rate - This is always something i strive for and think im doing ok as my cancellation is still at 0 after all these years

Community leadership - This requirement isnt really something i strive for nor do i know exactly what it means, im not here to lead anyone, im just here to draw and contribute when i can.
Volume of sales - No way i prefer putting thought effort and time in to every job i do.