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Who Else Thinks There Should Be A Buyer Rating System

I had a sad experience yesterday. A buyer cancelled and order even after he has rated and the funds has been cleared for withdrawal. If there is a buyer rating system, it will help sellers actually have a idea of who they are dealing with. You wont to work with someone who has a bad buying rate or is filled with complaints about his payments not going through. Just my two coins


Yeah, sometimes I google my customers trying to find other reviews they’ve left in case they were acting weird.
It helped sometimes. Might not be the right thing to do but when you are reading 5-10 bad reviews on other gig pages makes you want to just cancel the order :frowning:

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I like the idea… It was already given in another post.

I completely agree. I haven’t had a buyer yet, but on other sites it was easier to research the buyer beforehand (I came from other art sites.) I hope there is some regulation on how buyers can effect your seller rating. It would only be fair for buyers to be able to be rated as well.