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Who else want these options back?


1- Mutual Cancelation for Completed Orders
Fiver removed mutual cancelation option for completed orders. It’s very frustrating when you deliver the work, for some reason buyer can’t reply for 3 days and order gets completed. Now buyer changed his mind and want refund. You can’t simply cancel the order, you need to contact fiverr support.

2- Mutual Feedback Removal
Now you can’t simply send screenshot to customer support with buyer’s consent and get feedback removed.

FIVERR we (sellers) need more selling tools. Instead of unproductive features like Response Rate (fluctuate on it’s own and we need to contact customer support to get it corrected) please bring tools that we need!!

Community, please add your valuable suggestions.


Definitely not either.

Refunds should never be issued for orders which have been completed and if the work is not up to standard then the review should reflect that.
I dream of the day the review system is a proper reflection of the sellers (and buyers whenever buyer reviews becomes a thing).

  • 5 star reviews should mean the whole experience was outstanding - not that “the delivery was ok but the seller was nice so I will give 5 stars”.
  • 4 stars should mean that overall this was a good experience but the delivery was not 100% or the seller’s communication needs work.
  • 3 stars should say that work and/or communication need improvement.
  • 2 stars should indicate that the work and/or communication was not good enough and not worth the money.
  • 1 star should mean the work and communication were awful - not that the buyer is trying blackmail to get a refund after delivery


yes strongly agree as seller we want mutual review changing option back please fiverr give this back.


@pariwash Mutual review changes are still possible. It is automatic review removal that is not. Review changes can be done if the buyer goes to the resolution center and submits a request to change their review. The seller can accept it if they feel the intentions are good/fair.


dear few days ago fiverr send a popup in which its mentioned that now once a buyer will give review he or she will not be able to change it or edit it if they want to edit they have to contact fiverr cs


I think that it’s the seller who can use the Resolution Center option to request feedback revision.


I agree I want those options back, especially mutual cancellaton


I like this rule though, the buyer can change the review once. You have to send a request for a change, I like this


@pariwash According to the help pages and the last pop-up I have, it can be done through the resolution center. (I do need to correct one thing - the seller has to initiate.) This is how it is done thorough the resolution center: “Request Feedback Revision: If you have an issue with feedback received, you can ask the buyer to modify their feedback. Requesting feedback revisions are limited. Repeatedly using this option may cause your account to be blocked.”


Yep, I had it backwards, but I assume it can be done from the support info. I haven’t had to use it yet.


No. In every sense of the word.

1.) Don’t deliver work until you have completed what was ordered. Delivery ends an order (unless a buyer chooses to pursue a revision). Never deliver half-way through an order. If you need to obtain buyer feedback, ask for it within the order thread. Only deliver, when you are 100% finished with what the buyer asked for. I would imagine this should be common sense.

2.) Heck no. Sellers are not entitled to 5-star reviews. And buyers are allowed to review their order as they see fit. Too many sellers have been gaming the review system by delivering poor work, and then giving refunds when they get negative reviews. If you do great work, you’ll usually be reviewed well. If you do poor work, you deserve a negative review.

Fiverr removed the review deletion option with mutual cancellations to put an end to the fraud many terrible sellers were getting away with. Good sellers get good reviews. Bad sellers get bad reviews, and eventually drop out of the search results.

Fiverr wants to promote good sellers.


I find it the case that buyers often review 4/5 stars or 1 regardless of the 3 rating factors and mainly out of anger and that’s an issue. It ls very rare for me to come across an unhappy buyer who rates fairly (such as 1 star for the work but 4 stars for the communication) - so I find 2 and 3 stars far less common.

A good example is delivering work ahead of time as described and a buyer not fully reading the gig or the deliverable being subjective (like logo design) and the buyer rating the lowest possible because they don’t want to continue to work on the order with revisions.

I personally think there needs to be a few changes to the system.

Firstly, all feedback disputes should open inside the resolution center (like they now do) - however, if a buyer doesn’t agree it should automatically escalate to support within that center to make a decision. Whatever decision made should then be final. I.e. a seller can’t request again if it’s denied or a buyer can’t leave feedback again if it’s removed.

Secondly, for certain things there should be a minimum rating. For example, if a seller responds to all order communication within 24 hours and deliver ls before the deadline, communication should have a mandatory minimum of 3 stars.

Lastly, for a balanced system, buyer reviews need to count towards their profile in some way.

My first one star review because the buyer didnt read the gig description or instructions I sent him

Agree with you. Strongly believe these features will be for seller.


Mutual Feedback Removal is still available.
Same way - Just contact CS, show them the screenshots of the mutual agreement and consent by the buyer to remove the feedback and CS will remove it.

But CS says that they can no more edit the feedback though…


I’m a good seller who just got her first one star review because the buyer did not read either the gig description nor the many messages I sent him.

When I messaged him and sent screenshots of the messages and gig description, he asked how he could change his review. There is no way. My Resolve Now button does not work either.

The new review system assumes that any time a seller gets a bad review it is justified.
They feel any time a change to a review is made, it is to game the system.

They need to tweak this to allow for situations like the one I’m in. I delivered my usual 5 star quality. The buyer saw that he was wrong and wanted to change his review.


i vote for mutual review change
i mean if the seller and buyer agreed to something how come it considered wrong
i think most of fiverr users would want that


You are not the only one…
I asked the buyer, made him agree to change it, contacted CS and CS : Sorry we cannot modify it.


We do definitely need a way to handle bad buyers.

It’s true that some buyers change their mind afterwards for some reason, or notice that they bought the wrong service (Or just lie to get free stuff). Those were easily handled by a mutual cancellation.

There’s also bigger scammers and those too were easily handled before, but now even support won’t help with them.


Your points are clear and I agree but indeed you did not get what I’m saying.

That’s very blunt statement and can’t be applied to 100% orders/buyers. As I mentioned, some buyers change their mind once the order gets completed. They say- We don’t need this work anymore. I do not feedback removal with refund. Sellers need more flexibility.


If the buyer changed his mind after you already did the work, he shouldn’t get a refund. You should be paid for your time and effort; a buyer changing his mind is not your fault.