Who Else will get demoted on January 15?


Well, it seems like I will get demoted from Level 1 to New Seller as my order completion rate is ~78% The funny thing is, the reason behind cancellation is no where related to my work or quality of service. Buyers made mistakes and sufferer is seller. As usual, I have contacted the seller support centre and got their generic response again… Really disappointed and, I’m losing interest from Fiverr.


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James (Fiverr Customer Support)
Jan 11, 5:10 PM EST

Hi Wasi,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your issue. I am sorry to hear this. I do apologize but since this is calculated automatically by the system there is nothing we can do to reduce/eliminate the effect these cancellations have on your account (including your order completion rate) because all cancellations (including mutual cancellations) affect your order completion rate.

If you do not meet the requirements needed to maintain your level status on January 15th you will get demoted, unfortunately.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards.
James | Fiverr Customer Support
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Fiverr Customer Support

Jan 11, 12:23 PM EST

From Nov 15 to till date I have completed 6 orders out of 8. 2 were cancelled as buyers had issues. One order was cancelled because the buyer placed order by mistake. The other was for fraudulent activity of buyer account (that account is still suspended! https://fiverr.com/nicomee ) Will fiverr demote me for these two cancellations? As it seems like my completion rate is now 78% which is below 90%! But, Its not my fault! its due to buyers deed.

As you can see both of the cancellation is irrelevant to my services so, I believe It won’t affect my level. i.e. I won’t get demoted due to these issues.

P.S: I am attaching screenshots of these orders. You can see that the suspended buyer even put a 5 star rating for the task. And, I did exactly what he required even though, I didn’t get paid…


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Second evaluation day is upon us! how have you been since the last one?

feeling so sad for you.


It appears that they might demote you. Sorry to hear this. The problem you have is not the two cancelled orders. It is only getting 6 completed orders in two months. When you get more orders you will again become level 1.


I couldn’t really work properly as I was passing through some tough time of my life.
I worked on my pending projects until my sister got admitted into hospital last December. Being the eldest I had to stay with her. She was severely ill. Doctor said some of her reports indicated she was suffering from Acute Leukomia! (Blood Cancer) but they needed additional investigations… which shook the whole family. Some horrible nights for all of us… I barely managed to release all those pending projects. Her Bone Marrow Test brought a conclusion to the investigation. Thankfully, it was not cancer! she was suffering from tuberculous lymphadenitis.

After proper treatment, we brought her back to home and, she is recovering from it. Good thing is, she will be cured within next six months :slight_smile:

I had to reject numerous projects from other clients in this course of time… so number of orders fell down drastically.

Well… I guess I will have to start from scratch again. Even If they demote me, I aim to achieve level 2 badge this year


That is good news!

All the best for 2018! :slightly_smiling_face:


Same situation here.
I also passed through some tough time of my life.
My Uncle passed away on 14th December.I took two weeks vacation and canceled 4 orders the same day.
But now I am back and completed 12 orders successfully.
My order completion rate was 100% on 14th and 89% on 27th.
It is now 90% and I am still struggling.
Nothing is impossible if you do hard work.


Inspiring! Thank you


Great to hear she is getting better. It must have been a horrible time. To be honest it should put things in perspective. Being demoted to a 'New Seller" on Fiverr isn’t really the end of the world.


Sorry to hear :sweat::slightly_frowning_face::frowning_face:


I agree!
But, I didn’t get the point of demoting sellers for buyers’ mistakes/bad activities. e.g.
If someone mistakenly place an order and cancel it saying whoops! sorry wrong order why would it affect buyer’s level?


I think all sellers would agree with you there


I think I will be safe if i get at least one order before evaluation.


Why are demoted veteran sellers called “New seller”? :thinking: Someone with thousands of reviews doesn’t seem very new to me, especially if their profile says they have been on Fiverr for years. :joy:


This is how I fall.


Do you have any orders in queue? There’s still time to fix that!


I have two orders. Tasks are already complete though buyer just needs to place the order now, I will deliver both as soon as he places the order. (repeat buyer) Unfortunately, it will make order completion rate 80% which is still below 90


How many orders did you complete in the two months span and, how many got cancelled?


Am ready for demotion. There is really nothing I can do about that. After Jan 15th I will dust myself from the fall and pick up from the level I will be demoted to. I will continue with my policy of look for orders from buyer request, deliver the orders on time and to the buyer’s satisfaction, get a good rating, make revenue [REPEAT THIS AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE]


Last 2 months were bad for me and I couldn’t get a lot of orders.

I tried to complete all of them but sometimes you just can’t please the buyers.

I’m trying to complete active orders right now but due to being video editor here I always have to do revisions.


Your determination shall become realization