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Who else would like to try a Fiverr Algorythm test this month or next month?


I have some ideas on how a couple dozen of us could do a few things to see how it impacts placement in the Fiverr listing. If you’re interesting in an experiment that will not cost you anything (but a little time) mostly dealing with some keyword play and Favoriting, let me know and for everyone who participates I’ll make a video of the results and give it to you.

I will “close” this Fiverr Fight Club on December 20th.


Nanananananananana I’m in




I m in




Possibly but I’m not even sure how to find my placement now…lol

ceceliavo said: ceceliavo
I'm in but like she said I have no clue how to find my place, I hang out in the un-sorted OTHER room


Reply to @anarchofighter: Share with us how we would found out such info! lol




Um, search for a term. scroll down until you find you gig.


I’m in :slight_smile:


I think I’m on the last page of eternity lol


Ooo I’m on the first page under the term “girl video” and rating. I guess that is pretty cool if someone looks up that term haha


I searched all my keywords for my ONE gig a family tree gig

ancestry - #21 on the first page

descendants - #1 on the first page

family tree - #4 on the first page

roots - not on the first page

genealogy - not even on the first page

census - census file gig #8, family tree gig #12 on first page


I’d do it


I m in dont kick me out :o3


Nanananananananana I’m in




I m in