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Who gonna be king of PSL?


Hey rabbits all around the world,

Pakistan Super League (PSL) is gonna end on 5th of march. How many of you watching it? I’m so excited to see final results.And I’m supporting Peshawer Zalmi of course because of Boom Boom Afrid :heart_eyes:. To whom are you support if watching, and why?

I would love to hear your cool replies.




This Afridi dude is only a few years older than me, but he probably has grandchildren by now :sweat_smile:


Indeed. but Islamabad has more chances.


He is 36. Can you show me someone with age of 36 and having grand children??? By the way at this age even, he is far cool and handsome than many of youngsters like you… :smirk:


Karachi ll beat Islamabad tomorrow,I guess.My bro is supporting Islamabad though.


This is about some weird sport I know nothing of, right?




Supper cool …Lol…:heart_eyes:


Its about excited cricket. Asians just love cricket.


Youngest Grand Father… :smirk: Who is still crush of thousands in subcontinent.


LOL…I was referring to the fact that he has been around forever…he first played international cricket in 1996…what was that? 21 years ago :smirk:


Sachin started in 1989 and ended in 2013. (24)


Yeah, after Sachin, I can only think of Afridi who has played so long. But Sachin was consistent…with Afridi, every big knock was followed by 20 failures. But his bowling was good and accurate.


But I forgot, Misbah is 43, Younis Khan also 42/43…in Pakistan, they don’t mind their cricketers playing for so long…in India we have only Sachin who played for so long.


DB Close (ENG) 23 Jul 1949 13 Jul 1976
FE Woolley (ENG) 9 Aug 1909 22 Aug 1934
GA Headley (WI) 11 Jan 1930 21 Jan 1954

Thats what you think. Lets end it here.


LOL why get so emotional sis, just having a simple cricket conversation…:smiley:


No doubt.But still its Boom Boom.:heart_eyes:


@writer99025 Are you watching PSL?


No, we don’t get that telecast in India.


Oh thats not fair. We watch IPL here.:slight_smile: