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Who got 52k impressions?


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Pretty impressive, well done!


Awesome.thats really great🤗


Well done. 7.2K for me.


Excellent. 2.6 K of my main gig


@neotechincpk, I went to your profile and I don’t see the gig that shows 52k impressions. More over, I don’t see any of the gigs that are shown on the screenshot…

Your profile shows you only have 8 reviews (which clearly is against all logic if the screeshot shows at least 42 orders done and cancellations being just 3%) and just 3 active gigs. :roll_eyes:

Would you please explain all this mistery behind? :smirk:


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You’re supposed to have ONLY one profile. If you didn’t take prior permission from Fiverr to open a new account, sooner or later, even your current profile will be deleted by Fiverr.

I also don’t think Fiverr would have given you said permission considering you already have one account under review.


man :slight_smile: you just invited to a trouble !


It doesn’t matter at all. One person can ONLY have one account. The rule is very simple and straightforward. No exceptions. No ifs. No buts.

Anyway, good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Why would you add a link to a different account. It is misleading.

I would be interested in knowing the conversion ratios of such huge numbers.


some have 50k impressions / 7 days …


Hi @cre8iveartwork

This is not the issue. The problem is that the OP has 2 accounts, one being restricted and shown on the screenshot (which has the gig with the 52k impressions) and the one from where he’s posting and continues to offer services… That’s the real problem!


and how is that your issue ? He must handle that with support , no one here can help with that :smiley:



Who said it was my issue??? :flushed:

I’m just letting you know due to your reply :roll_eyes: :wink:


:smiley: I can also read… you know…


I have 1.7k impressions :hugs:


Pretty Impressive 89 impression in 2 days New GIG.