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Who Has a Fiverr Success Story?

Hey, new seller, here. I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their success story, or even just tips and tricks for making money on this website.

This is pretty much my success: I work consistently enough to pay off most of my major bills, with a little left over to eat each month.

Here’s my tip and trick: Work consistently, be professional, don’t break the ToS, and you’ll do just fine.

When I first started out 3.5 years ago it started out slowly and gradually built up over time through word of mouth and repeat clients along with the marketing fiverr does to the point that all my bills are paid by what I earn on fiverr.

My story of success is no different from thousands of happy fiverr sellers.

I will love to share it when i become a TRS because that will be a success for me…and have a long way to go…

Hi Miss Crystal
Your success story is very inspiring. I read it somewhere long back on the forum or academy


I am a Ph.D. candidate in Economics and about to submit my dissertation :slightly_smiling_face: I was reading a lot on location independent work that I can take while I travel the planet. So a travel blogger (I forgot the name, sorry) has written on ‘how to sponsor your travelling’. I read the article and she refereed to fiverr in the list saying it is a cool way to earn some easy bucks. I just checked it out and started getting offers. I was rejecting many offers due to my dissertation writing and only taking the one I was interested in. This went on for six months but then I started investing two hours daily for the gigs on an average. Fiverr revenues supported me to take 2 two 10 days each trips abroad, buy a new ultrabook, a new cam and enough money to plan a two months long trip to south east Asia. All this happened in four months and by devoting two hours daily. I think it is awesome. So now I plan to carry my fiverr freelancing job with me on my round the world trip. It just clicked for me.