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Who here has ever had a Tip Jar gig?

Hi all,

I’ve had a tip jar gig for a long time and then maybe a year ago fiverr integrated the tip option at the end of an order.

I’ve still kept my tip jar gig but it’s seldom used, many people who tip don’t leave a review as the tip is the reward in most buyers minds so I have like 24 reviews on my tip gig.

Once in a blue moon I’ll get a big tip, my biggest I think was $65 which blew me away.

I’m considering removing it as I simply have too many new gigs I want to launch that will be more popular and plus tips are built into fiverr. It’s taking up valuable real estate I think and 20 spots just isn’t enough for me so some of my gigs will need to be swapped with new ones.

Who here had a tip jar and ended up removing it?

Tell us your story about tip jars below…

Kind Regards,

It’s nice when buyer’s decide to tip me without the little nudge of a tip jar in my gigs. Also buyer’s see the chance to tip when the job is delivered.
I like tip jars where the extras say things like “you can buy me a cup of coffee” or say what the money will be used for.

Hi Murray.

I still got my tip jar!
I dont think i would ever leave it.
I know that it may reduce my percentage on my full stats, but it happens to me to offer a neverending support to my customers, who may came back to me after days or weeks with very very very very small or null edits or resize or suggestions. When i help them it happens to receive back a tip, and this is what it means to be: an additional way to help our customers to tell their gratitude without leave a fake-or-empty preview for an ongoing gig.

This is at least my experience and my vision!

Thank you for sharing yours as well!

I live for coffee and donuts. So my tip jar is called “Buy coffee and donuts”. :slight_smile:

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I do the coffee version but as a father to be in a few months I might have to change it to nappy fund lol

Hi Ren,

Your tip gig deliveries look awesome, so bright and colourful =)

haha I took that angle too on the coffee side of things. I don’t see your tip gig on your profile is it currently paused?

It’s an extra on every gig. :slight_smile:

I see what you mean now. Good idea. I could do this on gigs where I have a spare gig extra space.

I wonder who came first with the idea of the tip jar (which seller did this first?). It is a great idea.

That´s creative.

Thank you!

Hi! Thank you for your post. $65 tip is really mind-blowing.:slight_smile:
My Tip jar gig is still there. Once it already helped me to get rewarded for my efforts. Buyer decided to to tip me although their work was not completely done due to external factors.
It was a surprising gift from a nice Buyer.

??? - I have no idea.

Yeah the big tip came from some one who did a $150 order so proportionally it was still good but I wouldn’t expect a tip that size on a little $5 gig delivery.

Fiverr has a real cross section of of society financially wise. You get people who haggle and question a million times over a $5 gig and then you get others who clearly have more disposable income and will order hundreds of dollars worth of orders and make quick decisions.

So do you who have a tip jar feel that it is working well for you? Are you getting more tips with it than without it?

Yep. No prizes for guessing which kind of buyer I prefer! I think it’s great that the platform is growing and the latter kind of buyer is coming to the site to find quality work–I do wonder if the the recent closure of Elancè might have bought a new influx of buyers as the transition was… rather poorly handled, and some buyers and sellers from the platform may have opened up here. The tip thing is OK, but the big pull for me is not having to bid everyday…

It’s all ebbs and flows for me.

I used to have a tip jar gig for quite a while, however, with the added functionality of tips as part of the gig-review process, I’ve retired that tip gig as a relic of “the old Fiverr”. :slight_smile:

I wonder who was the very first real seller on Fiverr? Not a test account but the first brand new user with a gig? Maybe I should do some research and write a Trivia e-book about Fiverr! Hmmm… Coming to a famous book-site near you!

To answer the tip jar question in one post @creativeman - I had one after my first sale or two. Mine said something like “buy me a sandwich and enjoy virtual lunch with me.” I kept it until about 3 months after the tip feature. I got a few nice tips on it, but after the new feature none of my buyers used it. I deleted it to make room when I had all my gigs up. I don’t regret deleting it.

I’ve gotten tips even more often after the feature was added and I like having the space when I’m ready. I have had a couple of buyers revisit much later offering to send me tips because they made money off of a service I had done for them. For those I used custom quotes which worked out fine and can be higher than the maximum tip.