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Who here receives annoying inbox messages telling you to sign up for other gig websites?

Hey guys, I’m so bored with all these annoying inbox messages.

When I receive an email update of new messages from users, I always hope it’s an order or something order-related. Lately I’ve been receiving messages telling me to subscribe to other gig websites. It annoys me …

Just hit the report button. Fiverr shuts them down pretty fast.

Yup, They sent for me 1 message but i report It

I mainly get these when I advertise my gig on twitter.

Reply to @landongrace: ok i will :slight_smile: thank u !!

I’ve received one or two in the past.

All. The. Fucking Time.

Fed up of it.

It annoys me too but recently I’ve started replying back to them (the actual sellers who are promoting their own gigs, not the users who promote other gigs) with warnings that they could get their accounts closed down for such behavior, hoping that they’ll just stop bothering everyone. May be more effective than reporting in the long run. Here’s to hoping…